Navigating ChiroSUITE

The Main Screen
1. Calendar - The green highlighted date reflects the active date. It will default to today's date. If any date on the calendar is double clicked, all open practitioner schedules will update to that date. 
2. Active Patient - The Name, ID and Photo (optional) for the active patient are displayed here. Note: If you double click on the Patient Photo, you will be brought to the Patient Tracker for this patient.  
3. Action Items - This section will display any items requiring action i.e., Reminders to be sent, No Shows, Practitioner Document Reviews, Calendar attachments, Online Booking Reconciliation etc. See also Patient Appointment Pattern tool information in the screenshot below.
4. Practitioner Schedules - This section displays any open Practitioner schedules. Note: This section can also display the Visual Arriver, Visual Roomer and Visual SOAPer screens. Users can custom set and save their displays to always open with select schedules/screens. For more information click here: Saving Schedule Layout
5. Menu items - Hover your mouse over each icon to view informational details.

Patient Appointment Pattern
This is a helpful tool to show you the last 6 months stats for the active patient. The 1st box represents the count for the 'Pending' appointments, the 2nd box represents the 'Completed' appointments, the 3rd box represents the 'No Shows' and the 4th box represents the 'Cancelled' appointments.

Patn (Patient)/Patn Prac Tab 
Note: All information displayed in the Patn/Patn Prac Tab reflects the Active Patient (see Main Screen above for information)

1. Price Level - This section displays the current pricing level set up for the patient with their age displayed to the right (if a Date of Birth has been added to the patient record). Note: The default price level will be set if none is selected. 
2. Email address - An email can be easily be sent directly to the patient by clicking on the email icon. The email address can also be edited here. To learn more about email templates and how they can be set up for your clinic, click here: Email Template Usage
3. Current and Pending Appointments - This displays any current or upcoming appointments for the patient. 
4. Care Plan Information - Displays current Care Plans that are set up for the patient.
5. Phone Contact Information - This displays any phone numbers on the patient record (i.e. Cell, Home, Business). These can be edited here by double clicking on the existing record or new additions can be made by clicking [+Add].
6. Patient A/R - This displays any credits (in blue) or account balances owing (in red) for the patient.
7. Patient Rapport - This is where you might add any useful or helpful information about your patient. 
8. Patient Comments - This displays any important comments for the active patient.
9. Appointment History - This displays past appointments by practitioner type, how many weeks it has been since this appointment and the appointment date.
10. Preferred Practitioner(s) - This displays the patient's preferred practitioner(s).
11. Preferred Appointment Type(s) - This displays the patient's preferred appointment type(s).
12. 3rd Party A/R - This displays all of the outstanding 3rd Party billings. To understand more about the status' of each billing, click here: Understanding Status in 3rd Party A/R
13. 3rd Party Payors - This displays all of the active 3rd Party Payors that are set up for the patient. 

Pracs (Practitioners) Tab
The Practitioner Tab displays all 'Active' Practitioners. It is ordered alphabetically by Practitioner Type. Double click on a practitioner name to open their schedule. Note: If a practitioner is not listed here, it may be because they have been inactivated or 'hidden'. Click here for more information: Practitioner Leaving or Returning

Calls (Call List) Tab
The Call List Tab displays any active call list items waiting to be actioned. These can either be past, current or future items. Call types include: 
  1. Reminders - These include Phone, Email, and SMS reminders. These are generated by the system when an appointment is booked and the client is set up to receive reminders. 
  2. Contact - These are set up manually and are used as a general reminder to contact a client on a particular date. 
  3. No Show - These are generated when a patient's appointment status changes to 'NoShow'. 
  4. Rebook - These can be manually generated or system generated. For example, when a practitioner's schedule is modified, all affected appointments can be cancelled and added to the 'Rebook' call list.  
  5. Critical Window - These are generated when a patient falls off the regular schedule for their current Care Plan. 

DoIt Tab
The DoIt tab displays any outstanding user tasks. These are assigned to 'Anyone' or to a specific user. DoIt tasks are generated by system settings (i.e., SOAP or the 'DoIt Later' button). They can also be added manually. Some examples are: 
  • SOAP notes can be set up to create an automatic DoIt task when a new Care Plan has been added to a patient's record or when a specific exercise document needs to be given to a patient.
  • The DoIt Later button can be used to add a DoIt task to finish receiving 3rd Party payments at a later time.
  • The DoIt Later button can be used to add a DoIt task to add more information to a patient's record at a later time when setting up a New Patient.
  •  Any task that needs to be done on a regular basis (i.e. monthly inventory) can be set up as a DoIt task and assigned to a user on a 'repeat' interval. 

SpecDocs (Specific Documents) Tab
The SpecDocs (Specific Documents) tab allows for quick access to print or email documents and/or web links that are commonly used in your clinic. 


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