Visual SOAPer

This article will walk you through the features of the Visual SOAPer screen and how to use it to launch a new SOAP note. 
New SOAP notes can be launched 2 ways:
  1. Right click on today's appointment and choose SOAP notes
  2. Launch VisualSOAPer and click [+SOAP]
Practitioners -> VisualSOAPer

1. This section displays the patient information, the appointment type, the length of the appointment and the room that the patient currently is in (Note: For more information on setting up Rooms click here: Visual Roomer).
2. Click [+SOAP] to start a new SOAP note for the current 'Arrived' appointment.
3. Click [Patient Appointment Pattern] to launch the last 6 month stats for the patient. In our example below the patient's last visit was on May 4th. The first box indicates the number of 'Pending' appointments. The second box indicates the number of 'Completed' appointments. The third box indicates the number of 'NoShow' appointments and the fourth box indicates the number of 'Cancelled' appointments. 
4. Click [SOAP Comments] to launch an existing comment or start a new one. This comment will persist through every SOAP record, giving you a way to track information from record to record. They do NOT print on the the patient chart dump & can be added/edited without a SOAP.
5. Click [Patient Documents/Files] to launch the Patient documents and allow you to view any documents on the patient record.
6. Click [Patient SOAP Recap] to launch previous SOAP notes.