Visual Roomer

The Visual Roomer will display all arrived appointments and allow you to move the patients to different areas of your clinic (Rooms).  This article will step you through the process of setting up your Visual Roomer, so you can start tracking your patients and progressing them through the flow from arrival to checkout.

Utilities-> Clinic-> Clinic Room Setup
Note: The existing 'Clinic Rooms Setup' can be edited or added to, in order to accommodate the process that will best suit your clinic. You can set up to a maximum of 12 'Rooms'.

1. Code: This is the code for the 'Room' that you are setting up, it should be short and clear, as this is what displays in the Visual Roomer. Tip! using an acronym works well. 
2. Name: This will be the name of the 'Room' you are setting up.
3. Sort Order: This determines the order in which the 'Room' will be displayed in the Visual Roomer as well as in the dropdown selection when moving a patient to another room. Tip! If you leave this as the default (100), the items will be displayed in alphabetical order. 
4. Click [Set Room Colours] to set your colors for each 'Room'

To Set the colour for each room:
1. Double Click on the 'Room' you would like to set the colour for.
2. Click on the colour you would like to use. Note: You can use the 'Basic colours' or choose a 'Defined Custom Colour'. We recommend using light colours to make it easy to see the text. 
3. Click [OK]
4. Click [Save]

Utilities>System>System Settings
You will need to determine if you want to have your appointments sort by 'Arrived Date/Time' or by 'Appointment Date/Time'. You may also want to have your appointments auto-arrive into a certain 'Room' when you first arrive them (for example: Waiting Room or Parking Lot)

1. Sort Visual Roomer by: [Arrived Date/Time] or [Appointment Date/Time]. Note: This will be displayed in the Header section of the Visual Roomer.
2. Auto-Arrive appointments into Room: Use the dropdown to select the 'Room' to set as your default to arrive patients into.
3. Click [Save]

Appointments-> Visual Roomer

Once an appointment has been arrived, it will populate in the 'Visual Roomer'(VR). The 'VR' allows you to view up to 16 patients at one time. If you have more than 16 arrived patients, you can filter each 'Room' type to display only the patients in that 'Room'.
Tip! There are multiple ways to arrive an appointment (i.e. right click on the appointment, [Chk-In], or 'Visual Arriver'). The 'Visual Arriver' can work quite nicely in conjunction with 'VR'. For more information, click here: Visual Arriver
1. Room legend and count - This displays each of the 'Room' types and the count for the number of patients in each one. You can double click on each button to display the patients in that 'Room'. Double Click [All] to return to the top 16 patients. 
Tip! [Refresh] will update the screen after changes have occurred.
Tip! If you hover your mouse over the button with the 'Room' count, the room name will display.
2. Room code - This is the code that has been set up for the 'Room'.
3. Patient's Cell Number - Only cell numbers in a patient's record will display.
4. Edit Appt - This brings up the appointment details in order to view or edit.
5. Heart icon - Brings the patient up as the active patient.
6. Move to - Use this dropdown to move the patient to a different 'Room'.
Note:  Once an appointment has been checked out, it will automatically be removed from this list. 


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