Reminders - Setting up Email, SMS/Text or Phone

There are 2 places you can add reminders:

1. In Patient Tracker
2. When adding an appointment in the "Add New Appointment" screen.  
Add reminder under 'Patient Tracker'

1. Click "Appointments" tab.
2. Click green + under Reminders to launch "Appointment Reminders Setup" screen.
3. Fill in reminder details.
4. Click [Save].
Tip! See 2nd screen shot if setting up text reminders.

Text Reminders

1. Select SMS from drop down menu.
2. Click pencil icon to launch "Add Patient Email" screen. Tip! Text messages sent from ChiroSUITE leave as an email  & convert to text, this is to avoid patients incurring charges for those who do not have all inclusive text plans.
3. Select SMS from drop down menu & enter cell number.
4. Select mobile phone Provider from drop down menu.
5. Click [Test] message to ensure setup is correct.
6. Click [Save].
7. Patient phone number and provider will now appear in drop down menu.
8. Click [Save].

Add reminder when booking appointment under 'Add New Appointment'

1. Click green + to launch "Appointment Reminder Setup" screen.
2. Enter reminder type & time.
3. Click [Save].
4. Click [Save].

Tip! Ensure patients are informed that reminders are a courtesy service they are responsible to attend appointments regardless of reminders. Technology can & will fail, reminders cannot be counted on to get them to their appointments.

Tip! Be sure to customize your reminder templates for both emails & SMS, be brief clear and concise. To learn how to setup email templates click here: Email Template Setup


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