DoIt Tasks and Finish Later

The DoIt is a place to assign tasks to assistants and/or practitioners, it's meant to be an earth friendly replacement of the post it note. You can use options at the top of the DoIt to view tasks by the day, 3 days, 7 days and all days, there is also the ability to search tasks by patient.
1. Double click to launch task.
2. Click to complete task.
3. Click to edit task.
4. Click to make patient active.
5. Click to launch new task. 
1. Assign task to user or practitioner. IF your office does not track this way assign to <Anyone>
2. If applicable, assign task to patient.
3. Select date for task to be completed.
4. Provide details.
5. Click [Save & Close] or [Save & New].
6. If applicable, set date for task to reoccur.
7. Click [Complete].
Tip! Any task put on the DoIt list (SOAP FinishitLater or receiving 3rd party payments etc.) must be launched from the task list to be removed. It's imperative the list is managed well and kept current for this incredible feature to work well in your office.
For more information see our "DoIt" webinar -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Webinars -> DoIt, Email, Reminders Webinar.


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