4. Care Plans: Critical Window Call List

It is important to understand why patients are on the call list, what critical window means, what your office policy/procedures are on managing these patients and how to deal with entries on the Call List. 

Critical Window is the amount of time between appointments while on a Care Plan.  In this case the patient is flagged and shows on the call list regardless of future appointments booked.  This is a clinic setup that can be turned on or off (Utilities -> Clinic -> Start/End of Day Setup -> Send critical Window to Call List).  Alternately it can be done manually through Appointments ->  'Critical Window -> Call List'.
Critical Window is predetermined in the Care Plan setup.

In the following screen shot the Care Plan called '1x week for 10' has a critical window of 11 days.  This means if 11+ days goes by since the patients last appointment they will end up on your call list.

What if the patient has no future appointment?  
This is where you need to know your office policies/procedures.  If there aren't any it is a good time to set something up. 
Do you reach out once with a phone call then another time with an email? How many times do you reach out before discontinuing the care plan and removing the entry from the call list altogether. 
Depending on these details you might be selecting your call action and reason then moving the entry to a future date until all points of contact have been completed at which time you would then discontinue the plan. 

What if the patient has a future appointment/s?
What is your office policy/procedure for this?  Is it an email just to educate the patient that lapsing in care won't give the results in the time line discussed with their practitioner or does your office disregard these entries if appointments are booked and you note that and remove from call list?  

Creating email templates for both the above situations saves staff time on the phone.  Utiltiies -> Email/SMS -> Email Templates.  
NOTE: You will use Template Type 'General' -> click [New Rec] at the bottom and create new templates.  Keeping them generic means you can use them for all patients. 
See article: Email Template Setup 

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