Sending out Email and SMS Text Reminders

File -> Start of Day

1. In almost all scenarios you will 'Send to ALL (not per practitioner)'.

2. Click [Process].

3. In cases where the office is closed for several days you will want to bump the date ahead. For example: If it is Friday and you don't return to the office until Monday, bump the date to Sunday to ensure Monday's Reminders go out. Tip! Development is working on making this an automatic process, you should see this coming soon.

File -> EOD

1. To process EOD everyone needs to be logged out of ChiroSUITE & all appointments must be completed. 

2. Click [Process].

Tip! To learn how to setup SOD/EOD processes click here: 

To send emails without using the SOD/EOD process click on the "R" icon/s in the top toolbar. 

Remember to move the 'Send up to:' date forward to account for days off (i.e. Sundays or long weekends).  Change the date to the day prior to being back at work. 

Send Reminder Emails
Send SMS Reminders
Tip! Customize the email/text message reminder content to suit your office. Be brief, polite & concise! To learn how to setup email/text templates click here: Email Template Setup


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