Receiving 3rd Party Payments - Amount Not The Same As The Expected Amount

You are receiving in a 3rd party payment and you have realized the payment amount is NOT THE SAME as the billed amount in ChiroSUITE (or expected amount).  


1. Investigate and figure out WHY this occurred. Some examples are:

- The 3rd party paid and the patient paid for the same visit. 
- The wrong visit was submitted online or manually (i.e. initial visit vs regular visit)
- The payor pays a percentage of the visit, but the wrong amount was entered resulting in the wrong payment
- The wrong patient was submitted online or manually to what was billed out in ChiroSUITE (i.e. husband not wife)
- The 3rd party payor just paid more than the billing or invoice submitted

2. If necessary, contact the 3rd party payor to find out why the payment does not match.  Select the option below that matches or contact support if you are unsure or do not see your option.


 Email or Call toll free at 855.509.1111 


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