Receiving 3rd Party Payments - Over payments

Before proceeding, make sure you have done your investigation as to why you are not receiving the expected amount.  If not, click on the following link for more information: Receiving 3rd Party Payments - Amount Not The Same As The Expected Amount

If your 3rd party payment is more than the amount expected (Amt Exp) and you are still in the 3rd Party Receive Payments screen, input the full amount received and click [Finish] to process the payment. 

When you have completed receiving the 3rd Party over payment, you will see a billing item with a status of  'Overpaid' in the patient's SOA under the 'Third Party (All)' tab as well as in the 3rd Party A/R as per the following screenshot. 
Note: This step does not create a 3rd Party credit. This step creates a reconciliation item that needs to be dealt with. Click here for more information: 3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard - Over payments



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