Receiving 3rd Party Payments - Declined or Partially Paid

Before proceeding, make sure you have done your investigation as to why you are not getting full payment.  If not, click on the following link for more information: Receiving 3rd Party Payments - Amount Not The Same As The Expected Amount

If your 3rd party payment is declined or partially paid and you are still in the 3rd Party Receive Payments screen, input the partial amount received or select 'Declined' if no payments were received. You then have the option to bill the outstanding amount before you process your payment. Your options are:
  1. Bill To Patient
  2. Write Off
  3. Bill to another 3rd Party Payor (if your patient has another one set up and it is Active)
Next click [Finish] to process.

Billing -> 3rd Party Receive Payments

Note: When using the 'Bill Remaining To' option for declined or partially paid amounts, the billing will always reflect the current date.

If you have already completed the '3rd Party Receive Payments' process, and did not use the  'Bill Remaining To' option OR you need to bill the remaining amount to the same 3rd Party Payor, click here for more info: 3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard



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