4 SOAP Setup: Creating a New Question

Tip! You must start a new date range (1 SOAP Setup -> Adding a New Date Range) for any changes you wish to make to Groups/Questions, this does NOT apply to speed keys. 

To learn how to start a new date range click here: 1 SOAP Setup: Adding a New Date Range.
Utilities -> SOAP -> Practitioner Question/Response Setup, click [Question Setup].
Click the drop down in the Question Type box to select the style of question you wish to create.
In the Question box type the name of your question. Click [Save]. Once you have saved the question the screen will open to add your responses click [Add/Edit].
In the Response Value box type the responses you wish to be associated with the question. Tip! If you do not change the number in Display Order your responses will appear alphabetically. To learn how to link/communicate to front desk, billing items and/or spec docs click here: Communicating Treatment Recommendations to Front Desk
Once the new question is created, go back to your template setup, select the Ques Group you wish to put it under and click [Add/Edit] under Questions, find your new question in the drop down menu & insert.
For more information see our "SOAP Setup 4" video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> SOAP -> SOAP Setup 4 -> Creating a New Question & Linking.


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