Communicating Treatment Recommendations to Front Desk

You have the ability to customize your SOAP template to communicate information with the front desk.  This is typically treatment/care plans, supplement recommendations (linked to billing), exercise/stretches (linked to web video or PDF), referrals, head rest paper change, the tables needs a wipe down, the options are endless. Tip! Tasks will remain on the patient account until they have been correctly removed by clicking the check mark in the top left of the Patient Task List box.
Utilities -> SOAP -> Practitioner Question/Response Setup
DoIt Text -> This is the verbiage staff see on check out.
Links to Item -> Auto adds the product to billing. 
Bill to Practitioner -> Choose which practitioner/business entity the product is billed to for auto billing.
Links to SpecDoc -> Links to article or web page to be emailed to patient on checkout. Tip! SpecDocs must be added to ChiroSUITE before they can be linked. To learn how to add SpecDocs click here:SpecDocs (Specific Documents) 
For more information see our "Creating a New Question and Linking" video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> SOAP -> Creating a New Question and Linking.


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