ChiroSUITE v4.9.6900 Released!

Hi :)

We released ChiroSUITE v4.9.6900 on November 4th to add in some additional functionality and fix a few issues (details below).  Please update to the latest version at your convenience - if you need help or prefer a "sit back & enjoy the update show" approach please just email/call to schedule a time with one of our support staff!  Terminal Server & remote monitored clinics will have their ChiroSUITE automatically updated November 7th.

Have a great day!
chirosuite Support Staff

( click here to download the update if you are already logged on )


- added "Bill patient the difference between 3rd party and fee" field on Payor Setup to allow for consistent billing with 3rd parties like Blue Cross
- added "Counts for 3rd Party visit" on items to allow you to ignore affecting visit stats when billing items like AB2, AB4, etc.
- updated 3rd party invoices to give more space for reference number & name
- updated Blue Cross DND, DVA & RCMP Claim Forms to include GST number
- updated Mailing List process to exclude SMS & None
- updated Payment Breakdown report to include 2 additional columns
- updated Sales Report to accurately create mailing list
- added Birthday List (by Billing Prac) to mailing list creation

- added 2 new birthday list reports to the Start of Day process to help with clinics not utilizing practitioner preference - you can now set to use these reports instead of the existing through the Utilities -> Clinic -> Start/End of Day Setup screen

- resolved issue with Sales by Item (with Profit) report not filtering properly when creating a mailing list and filtering down results

- updated Cashout Summary report to pull stats correctly for old dates (in cases where you re-run after appt archiving)

- added "Block Off Time (Quick Holiday) to schedule popup to allow for quick time blockoff :)