ChiroSUITE v5.22.0101 Released :)

v5.22.0101 is a major release adding in TELUS Health Integration, 3rd Party enhancements, and many many more enhancements!!  Here are the update details included in the update, but also here in case you are curious of the changes.  Call to schedule your update :)

*As always, please review your security settings regularly - we make every effort to not provide access to new features that should not be added, but ultimately you are responsible :) 
__ Extensive changes were made to the Patient Tracker screen to simplify information displayed.  Any user who previously had access to the "Patient Tacker - Billing Details" will be given access to the new "Patient Tracker - Additional Info" screen, any user who previously had access to "Patient Tracker - Patient Log" will be given access to the new "Patient Tracker - Patient Logs".  These screens now contain much more information, please review all your User's security settings! 

__ Added local ChiroSUITE Help file that responds to F1 on any screen 
__ Added printed ChiroSUITE Help Manual in the Help Menu 

Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans 
__ Added System Settings -> Schedules tab to include options to auto-expand the SpecDocs listings when opening an appt screen. 
__ Added "New Patient List with Care Plan/Future Appt count" report so you can get a list of new patients that have care plans or appts booked. 
__ Added "Include Call List" option to the Patient Recare List reports to provide a little further detail when reviewing patients falling through the cracks. 
__ Added ability to "Exclude patients with future booked appt" to "Patient Recare List" report, to help you get the information you specifically need. 
__ Added "Appt Count by Appt Type/Status by Date Range" report. 
__ Added Appt Statistics to the Calls/Stats tab on the left-hand side to give you an overview of the day.  We are open to suggestions on how to expand that information to be more useful or replace it with something more helpful - your suggestions are welcome! 
__ Added appt type border color & appt status colors to the Add/Edit Appt screen to help visually. 
__ Added [Resend] ability to the Cal Attachment setup in Patient Tracker to easily let you send all future appt cal attachments to a patient. 
__ Added new security permissions around "Delete Appointment (User Error)". Defaulted permissions based on existing user permissions for "Quick Cancel Appointments". 
__ Added new system setting for number of hours out to manually no show an appt 
__ Added new reports "OB (Online Booking) Appointment Summary" and "OB (Online Booking) Appointment Detail" 
__ Added Thermal version of the appt list report for clinics with thermal printers. 

__ Modified logon process, if you have saved the Visual Arriver to load, it will quietly stay closed if you have no appts for that day. 
__ Modified Add/Edit Appt screen to require default appt time as a minimum. 
__ Modified Appointment Report Statistics screen to be more usable, including sorting & labelling inactive prac types & appt types. 
__ Modified the ReviewWave & appointment reminder dumps to try to minimize missed reminders that occur with very little notice. 
__ Modified Cal Attachment codes to work better with some versions of Outlook. 
__ Modified "Block Off Time" to allow for multiple blocks within the same schedule time. 

__ Resolved issue in the Appt Wiz with specific scenarios throwing an error. 
__ Resolved SchdLoad error :) 
__ Resolved issue with setting/clearing Termination date on Appointment Type/Billing Setup 
__ Resolved very very rare bug with patient waiting list refresh when you set your practitioner's schedule to their last time interval before midnight. 

Billing/Payments/Items/Third Party 
__ Added ability to edit 3rd Party Payment Types through Utilities -> Accounting -> Payment Types. 
__ Added ability to default 3rd Party Payment Type in the Utilities -> System -> System Settings screen. 
__ Added Exam Date & Injury Description to Lawyer 3rd party setup. 
__ Added integration. 
__ Added Items Received report to Reports -> Items Reports. 
__ Added Sales by City report to Reports -> Sales Reports. 
__ Added Credit Breakdown report to Reports -> A/R Reports. 
__ Added Credit Card icons to left hand menu so you can easily see when a patient has a credit card on file and what type it is.  You can launch, add/edit credit card info directly from there instead of needing to open the patient tracker.  All encryption security respected regardless. 
__ Added new Province field to WCB 3rd Party Payor Setup and set the initial value to "Alberta" (AB).  The province will be used to pull the corresponding WCB address on the WCB reports.   
__ Added option to print invoice after paying out credits. 
__ Added unique Receipt# to each printed receipt and "duplicate receipt" indicator when the receipt is printed on a subsequent day - these changes are to meet insurer requirements to avoid rejecting patient claims. 
__ Added Promotions to replace Credit/Debit in the Billing Adjustment screen.  Promotions should be less confusing from a reporting standpoint but also provide greater flexibility and control in how patients can use these non-financial items.  Promotions will appear as payments in all the payment related screens and reports, but not be included in payment totals to avoid paying practitioners for these non-financial "payments" unless you want to include them. 
__ Added "Sales by Age Range by Year (last 5 years)" report to provide an easy way to compare your age range sales for 4 years from year specified.  Age range categories are calculated by patient DOB year only but are modified for each year's sales, so that someone who is 65 this year will show in seniors' category but would be in adult category the previous years. 
__ Added AutoBill at EOD and Print Statement on checkout options to Extended Insurance, Lawyer and MVA payor setup screens.  Anything set to AutoBill will automatically batch together at the end of day processing.  Anyone setup with Print Statement on checkout will automatically print a statement on checkout - very useful for Huderite Colonies or any 3rd Party you setup and want to collect a signature from those treated. 
__ Added AutoBill 3rd Party process to EOD. 
__ Added Promotions and Account Credit tabs to the SOA screen 

__ Modified the size of the injury description to 50chars in 3rd Party Payr setup. 
__ Modified [+Payr] process to simply launch the Payr Setup form where you only have 1 Payr setup. 
__ Modified Patient Reports -> 3rd Party reports to work better. 
__ Modified 3rd Party Payment Receive screen to process patient billings & writeoffs for the same day the payment was received - so if you are backdating something the writeoffs & patient billings will line up properly. 
__ Modified Amex display and entry formats. 
__ Modified Patient Credit Pay Out to exclude non-financial credits.  Replaced Practitioner with Business Entity in Credit List. 
__ Modified receive payment screen to hide "Quick Move" button if no credits exist. Refresh the payment screen so that credits are available after credit transfer. 
__ Modified Item Setup by moving Taxable over to Patient/Payor Split and added options for specifying if an item is Taxable, Not Taxable or if the Tax is Included in the Price.  This also gives up the flexibility to set these up by Practitioner and Payer. 
__ Modified "Per Visit Limits" (PVL) setup.  PVL can now be defined by Practitioner & Item. 
__ Modified Item Types - set "Inventory Item" to "Products" and "Service / Non-Inventory" to "Services".  None of your items change or move, this was simply for more consistency in ChiroSUITE. 

__ Resolved issue in 3rd party billing adjustments where changes to the payr no longer saved. 
__ Resolved rare issue with "Sales by Item /with Profit" reports sometimes duplicating information (but totals were correct). 
__ Resolved issue with Audit info being removed after rollover processing. 
__ Resolved issue with Inactive items in SOAP Question/Response generating billing items 
__ Resolved issue where date expired selected from calendar would not always enable the [Save] button on certain 3rd party setup screens. 
__ Resolved issue on Billing Adjustments screen when removing payments from the "Transactions" tab. Added additional button to "Payments (only)" tab [Delete Selected Transaction/Payment] for removing individual transactions vs all tied to payment as currently is the case with the button under Payments listbox. 

__ Added ability to setup file attachments on email templates (including email reminder templates, but not SMS/text reminders). 
__ Added [NextApptDT] and [NextApptDetails] field codes to General Email templates so that you can easily create a next appointment style email to quickly send. 
__ Added […] button to the left of each template in the Email Template Usage screen to make it easier to find & edit the template you have setup :) 
__ Added validation to the mailing list's "Send Emails as Bulk CC" option to prevent issues when you are trying to send too many (about 300 emails is the limit). 

__ Modified Email screen to show Template name ahead of subject line to make it easier to find what you are looking for. 
__ Modified reminder screens to launch "Send Calendar Attachments" when closed if there are any calendar attachments to send. 
__ Modified Email screen to no longer save email attachments as whatever you are sending can be easily reproduced in ChiroSUITE and unnecessarily adds so many files to any backups you are running.  Files that were originally attached will be shown at the bottom of the email when you Resend or review the email.  If you need to retain attachments, please choose to CC or BCC yourself in the emails. 
__ Modified "Waiting List" Email Templates to SSIOwned to prevent deletes 

__ Resolved errors being generated when setting up/editing Email Templates. 
__ Resolved very rare issue with [DoIt  Later] emails when signature is too large. 

EOD/SOD Process 
__ Modified Send Calendar Attachments process to remove it from EOD/SOD process as it sometimes opened behind and caused issues.  Screen will now open after you send reminders (if there any calendar attachments to send).  This is a temporary fix until automation gets released later this year :) 

__ Added F1 functionality throughout ChiroSUITE - where possible it will open the corresponding KB article. 
__ Added various speed improvements & minor bug fixes. 
__ Added credit card indicator below calendar on side menu to make it easier to know if a patient has a credit card on file and allow you to add/edit/view that info. 
__ Added ability to view password on logon screen to assist with logging in issues. 
__ Added last logon information to logon screen to meet government requirements. 
__ Added failed logon auto-lock feature to meet government requirements.  The default is 3 attempts but you can alter it in the User Password Requirements screen if desired. 
__ Added Thermal Printer Setup screen under "Utilities -> System" to allow for thermal printing with appt list and receipts. 

__ Modified File -> Integrations / Modules options. 
__ Modified PDF control to resolve issues displaying checkmarks in some form-fillable forms. 
__ Modified remote support integration to AnyDesk - please uninstall TeamViewer if you are not using it. 
__ Modified main menu on left hand side to remove the call list to help with speed.  You can still [Preview] the list or use the [Progress Entry] button to add/view call details as normal :) 
__ Modified patient in use logging process to include machine information so that when a user still has a patient locked in use on their machine, the clearing process only requires you to open ChiroSUITE & close it - no need to logon. 

__ Resolved issue with audit display info when added and last updated were the same. 
__ Resolved issue with sorting in left Prac menu. 

Google Calendar 
__ Added additional name formats to help support more discreet patient information being available online. 

__ Modified default colors available on setup screen & added the ability to setup your own custom colors. 

__ Added Chart# on the left-hand side menu below the email address to make it easier to see the patient's chart num(s). 
__ Added HDYFU (How did you find us) to patient setup. Part of changes to Patient Referral. 
__ Added Special Search drop down box on Patient Search screen (far right) to make it easier to look up third party insurers/payors, the clinic record, and various other options.  If you have any suggestions that would make your day easier, please let us know :) 

__ Modified Patient Tracker screens to optimize information display - please try it for a bit before complaining :) 
__ Modified the Quick Add & New Patient Wizards to avoid patient data loss.  When you open the Patient Tracker to make a manual edit before the Quick Add/New Patient Wizard process complete, the option to complete patient information via the wizard will be removed! 
__ Modified auto-correct on patient search fields - nothing should auto-correct now. 
__ Modified the patient referral system.  You can now have multiple referrals, the referrers don't need to be a patient to track address/phone/email, and you can track more specifically who they were referred to & what appt that was for so that you can track completion of the appts as well.  New referral list is available in the patient tracker under additional info. 
__ Modified the patient image to show inactive and deceased images when applicable to reflect a patient's status. 
__ Modified Patient Tracker lists to combine like information into same screen for ease of navigation. 
__ Modified your data to strip out CRLFs in your patient names & modified screens to make sure you can't create the issue to begin with moving forward.  Also modified the Cleanup Miscellaneous process to resolve this issue as well. 
__ Modified Search Phone to strip off area code, dashes and other characters commonly entered that make the search impossible. 

__ Modified Schedule Layout process to allow you to edit OB Interval Columns for new & existing date ranges. 

__ Added new report Sales by Postal Area Code (by Sales). 
__ Added new report "Returned Items". 
__ Added new report "TELUS Payors without Relationships". 
__ Added new report "New Patient Visit List (At Most)" Visits. 
__ Added new report "Sales by Item (Compare to Prior Year)". 
__ Added "'Next Appt?" filter on Lapsed Visit History reports. 
__ Added "Completed" to list of Appt Status filters on Appointment Reports screen. 
__ Added "Appointment Type" filter to "Lapsed Visit History" reports. 
__ Added new report "Promotions Breakdown" 
__ Added new report "User Report Usage" 
__ Added new report "eClaims Waiting to Submit" 
__ Added some date selection validation to help make report runing easier. 
__ Modified A/R Reports -> Daily Appointment vs Billing Summary report to allow you to run for a date range, not just the current date. 

__ Modified [Create Mailing List] process to be more universal for existing & future reports.  The new process did not support all previous options, so some reports were re-written & some placed on a waiting list to decide if/when to update.  If there is a report you are used to using, please check & let us know if it is no longer available. 
__ Modified Patient Listing Summary & Detail to be the same report with additional options. 
__ Modified some report descriptions in security & screens to be more consistent. 
__ Modified Appointment Reports -> Appointment Cancellations & Deletions to additionally pull data from Archive table. 
__ Modified Statistic Reports to remove "Referral Stats" from list. 
__ Modified Statistic Reports to replace "Patient Referrals" reports with "HDYFU Stats" reports. 
__ Modified all reporting screens to remove green background on new reports.  Any report changes are covered in this update reporting section. 

__ Resolved Appointment History Report to return data for inactive practitioners. 
__ Resolved Statement (for zero pmts) receipts displaying '#Error' in 'Applied Credit Totals:' and Business Entity Total. 

SOAP Notes & Paperless Office 
__ Added an Auto-Arrive to Room setting in System Settings to allow you to make use of the Visual Roomer without having to use the Visual Arriver as well to save screen space! 
__ Added auto-expand options for SpecDoc lists on the Add/Edit Appt screen to simplify the process.  Auto-expand options were added to the System Setup screen. 
__ Added "Visual Arriver Patient Name Display" to system settings to allow you to specify how to display patient information on the visual arriver. 
__ Added "Visual SOAPer load option" to User Setup -> SOAP Options tab to allow you to select how the Visual SOAPer opens for you. 
__ Added patient specific DoIt Task filtering to make it quick & easy to see if the patient has anything outstanding without having to open the appt add/edit or checkout wizard.  When selecting a patient with a DoIt Task assigned to them, the DoIt tab shows instead of the "Patn Prac" tab to help draw your attention. 
__ Added new flag to User Setup (under SOAP Options) to alert the user of changes to SOAP question setup. 
__ Added new practitioner type "Multi". 
__ Added PracType to CarePlan drop downs. 
__ Added a tab control to SOAP screens. Show care plan on first tab. Show care plan appointments on second tab. 
__ Added User Logon Name & User Full Name to available form fillable fields to help with tracking of user filling in forms. 

__ Modified Form Fillable forms to save onto the patient tracker with the date added, not the original date of the document. 
__ Modified Visual Roomer to allow more accessible information, in a more compact format to help you manage keeping track of your patients whether they are in the clinic or in the parking lot :) 
__ Modified SpecDocs list by Prac to sort properly by PracName. 
__ Modified & removed the "Send Calendar Attachments" from end/start of day processing as it is now part of the reminder sending process. 
__ Modified navigation in Patient Add Document(s) screen to help speed up the process when adding multiple documents to a patient account. 
__ Modified document processes to store zoom & rotate by document choices so each time the document loads, it loads the way you want to see it. 
__ Modified PDF zoom options to be: Page | Width | 100%. 
__ Modified RedFlags screen to show multiple lists in one screen to prevent having to scroll for most clinics. 
__ Modified Summary Report to avoid blank first pages when SOAP text is too long. 
__ Modified opening SOAP Note to remove ability to reopen SOAP Note from Patient Tracker if the SOAP Note is not yours! 
__ Modified SOAP screens to show previous responses when matching on Question rather than Practitioner setup. 
__ Modified edits to Diagnosis if PracType of initial Diagnosis matches PracType on subsequent SOAPs. 
__ Modified Add New SOAP Question/Response setup to include copying Sblx Question/Resp for specific questions so it doesn't revert back to default each time you add a new group. 

__ Resolved issue copying forward questions after a template change - everything copies forward but ChiroSUITE complains about missing items, which gets annoying fast :) 
__ Resolved sort order of images on SOAP Recap screen.