Support Phone Transition

March 31st update - Our new provider has managed to forward our toll free number early, so calls should be coming through normally now!  The official transition was to happen April 1st/2nd, so we aren't anticipating everything to be back until normal until April 5th!  Thank you for your patience!!

Original post - We are transitioning phones to a new provider & have been letting people know for weeks in case we had some issues - which we have!  Although our phones aren't actually down, our toll-free number seems to be in some kind of forwarding abyss... leaving you with either dead air, a constant busy signal, or a recorded voice telling you there is an issue.

Please call us directly at 780-434-7376 if are experiencing issues,  For emergencies ONLY you can call Brock directly at 780-995-4335.

We're expecting issues to continue off & on for the next week until April 5th, 2021 :)