ChiroSUITE v5.16.0817 released :)

Here is a list of features added, fixed, and updated in this release.
Integrations / Modules
__ Added Integrations / Modules screen ( File -> Integrations / Modules ) to make it easier to manage everything from one screen.
__ Added ReviewWave integration ( ).
__ Added ZingIt Solutions integration ( ).
__ Added Export Module to export New Patient List report data for your other systems using that info.
*Please suggest other integrations you are interested in seeing :)

Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
__ Added Lapsed Visit History (by Clinic) report (Reports -> Appointment Reports).
__ Added Lapsed Visit History (by Prac Type) report (Reports -> Appointment Reports).²
__ Added Patient Recare List (by Clinic) report (Reports -> Appointment Reports).
__ Added Patient Recare List (by Prac Type) report (Reports -> Appointment Reports).²
__ Modified Call List process slightly to try to assist more in flagging appropriate calls.  Modified list to appear red when nothing is selected.  Also added code to ensure nothing is saved for call details when nothing is selected to apply towards.
__ Modified appt reminder process to automatically remove reminders for appts that have passed, but keep on reminders even if the reminder date/time have passed - allowing you to easily send last minute texts or emails where applicable.  Phone reminders that meet the criteria will need to be manually removed in the call list screen.
__ Modified Google Sync process to remove items stuck in limbo due to sync setup changes (this appeared as inflated numbers in the left menu Action box).
__ Cleared out any Google Sync items that are never going to be synced due to previous sync setup changes.
__ Modified Room deletion process to remove historical data on deletion, allowing you to remove rooms no longer in use.²
__ Resolved an issue with the [Q+] QuickAdd Day process in very specific circumstances that would corrupt the date sequencing.²
__ Resolved some missing data on New Visit List report.²
* Reset all Appt Reminders in this update.

Billing/Payments/Items/Third Party
__ Added new fillable AB MVA Forms (2017/04) - thank you to the government for making workable forms available to us for the greater good.  Whether you are using these forms in a fillable capacity or not, the new format of the forms makes it possible to view in ChiroSUITE directly instead of the misleading "error" previously showing!
__ Added Rpt Group to Item setup, allowing you to group & total sales reports in various ways.
__ Added filtering by practitioner type & practitioner on 3rd Party Receive Payments screen.²
__ Added Other payment type to 3rd Party Receive Payments screen.²
__ Added auto-fill of chq/ddep info in from field when only single payor is selected on 3rd Party Receive Payments screen.²
__ Updated MB Health import, export & reporting.
__ Updated MB EOB listing.
__ Updated 3rd Party Receive Payments screen so that "Mandatory" is no longer the default, making it easier to enter your value.²
__ Updated the 3rd Party Receive Payments screen for some filtering and refreshing goodness.²
__ Resolved issue with Email Receipt not going out when only receiving payment on account, not charging through anything new.
__ Resolved very rare bug in MB Health submisison where last billing item by internal id was a duplicate record.
__ Resolved very rare bug when creating backdated account credits in any payment tab other than by business entity.
__ Resolved issue with reprint of ROP w/3rd Party receipt dropping the tax.
__ Resolved issue with 3rd Party billing adjustments when the 3rd party payr is setup by visits instead of dollars.²
__ Resolved issue where 3rd Party billing for a 3rd party payr setup by visits only removes 1 visit even when qty is greater than 1.²
__ Resolved issue when receiving 3rd Party Payments for families would only show active patient.²

__ Added additional functionality to the HotFix process to allow for more complex tasks.
__ Added new fields to Form Fillable PDF process to accommodate new AB MVA Forms.
__ Added exclude from mailing lists indicator on email listing in patient tracker.
__ Added code to update the business entity & make cheques payable to values when clinic name  is changed.
__ Added Emergency Contact & Phone Number to label creation.
__ Updated logon procedure to auto-relink data when you open ChiroSUITE as a different computer user.  For security reasons, your data is always linked under the current computer user, so when you change users, that data link becomes invalid & throws a message that tends to confuse.  ChiroSUITE should now pause & relink to the data for you automatically :)
__ Updated premium email service plan to better accommodate an influx of new users.  We will continue sending daily emails to highlight any errors occuring (invalid emails, failed emails, etc).
__ Updated Logon Help to better reflect your User Password Requirements.
__ Updated Machine.User list to remove anyone who hasn't logged on in the last 30 days to help make it easier to manage the list.  Most orphaned machines were either decommissioned or affected by the machine.user detail change in the last update.
__ Removed Microsoft Excel export option from Mailing List export as it is no longer supported due to security issues.  Tab Delimited (the only option) will work just as well everywhere you were using Excel, or simply open the tab delimited file in Excel & save it in Excel format if desired.
__ Resolved issue emailing User a ChiroSUITE Help Videos link!²

Online Booking
__ Added new link creation options to the setup screen so you can provide a clinic wide, practitioner specific, practitioner type, and combinations thereof for your patients online booking experience!²
__ Added Special Instructions option to Prac Setup so you can toggle it on/off on your OB site.²
__ Modified sync process to optimize time & publishing consistency.
__ Modified retrieval process to update all outstanding appts with reminder selected online if none are setup.²
__ Resolved issue when credit card received for a new patient.  ChiroSUITE will now hold onto the credit card information until you choose to add the new patient through the OB Reconciliation Wizard.
__ Resolved an issue where holidays beyond the scope of the columns you are publishing, turns off availability for the entire time slot.
__ Resolved rare break issue where sync would make available certain types of break times.
* Reset all online booking data, so first sync will take some time.

__ Modified PHP Payr list in New Patient Wizard to exlude those that are inactive.
__ Resolved issue opening patient tracker if SOAP/EMR is not activated.
__ Resolved issue in New Patient Wizard when using Chart Nums by Prac.

__ Added services vs. products split back into Tax Summary, Services vs. Products report.
__ Added Sales Reports with Item Groups to allow for easy totalling.
__ Added custom report Payments so you can get a list of patients paying a specific way over a time period.
__ Added custom report Patients List - No DOB or PHP so you can get a list of active patients missing those values.  You may specify to view only patients who have had an appt since a certain date & the report groups them based on that last visit year to help you update more important patients first :)
__ Added details to Payment Breakdown report to split 3rd Party Payments into Cheq/Ddep/Othr. ²
__ Resolved issue with Sales by Item, Detailed report pulling data for the last person who ran it.
__ Resolved issue with Sales w/ Profit reports not multiplying the cost appropriately on all reports.²

SOAP Notes & Paperless Office
__ Added Document Preview options to the User Setup screen to allow for PDF Zoom & Image Zoom options.
__ Added PDF Navigation to Document Review on large SOAP screen ( 1920 x 1080 ).
__ Added code to strip out partially created SOAP Notes in some scenarios to prevent future duplicates.²
__ Added user specific security setup for adding SOAP Notes to allow for clinics that have CAs / Users take part of the SOAP Note.²
__ Modified Document Preview load to maintain the rotation setup in the patient documents setup per doc.
__ Modified Document Preview to better track your 3 document choices through multiple SOAP records.
__ Modified ability to launch SpeedKey from SOAP Recap Diagnosis.²
__ Restored [Enter] key functionality in the SpeedKey.
__ Resolved several very specific bugs when adding the date or hitting a blank key by accident in the SpeedKeys.
__ Resolved issue with subluxation translations on SOAP Summary report and filled in any missing translations.
__ Resolved issue when copying forward SOAP Notes when last SOAPed appt is more than 30 days old.
__ Resolved unnecessary popup error when saving SOAP Comments in very specific instances.
__ Resolved issue where a specific set of steps on a new SOAP Note would wipe out the diagnosis.²
² updates were new to 0817, all others were new to 0813
* Where ever possible we auto-add security rights for new objects in an update to make it easier.  For example, if we add a new receipt format, then we will typically give access to users who already have access to other receipt formats, but we always err on the side of caution to ensure we aren't providing functionality to those users who shouldn't have it.  Please review User Security Rights after an update to assign access to new features where desired :)