ChiroSUITE v5.16.0812 released :)

v5.16.0812 is a minor release to add some important Care Plan functionality, if you were not already running v5.16.08x, please print those notes as well!!
Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
__ Added option in System Settings to control whether critical window patients who have been called will have the date of their call considered when looking to put them back on the critical call window again or not.  This gives you some control over whether to manage your critical calls by keeping them on the call list or by removing them when contacted.
__ Modified Care Plan Critical Window process to more closely examine the call list and patient log in determining whether a patient should be added or not.
__ Modified the critical window process to provide more information in the call list to help simplify the process.
__ Modified all existing critical window calls to include these details.
* You may want us to clean out your critical window call list so you can start clean after this update!

__ Modified Sales by Item report to increase speed when creating a mailing list.

SOAP Notes & Paperless Office
__ Resolved issue where repeatedly copying forward images that are not modified, carries forward the wrong image changed flag.