ChiroSUITE v5.16.0811 released :)

v5.16.0811 is a minor release with some Care Plan changes to help make managing care plans in ChiroSUITE simpler.  This release coincides with the Care Plan webinars being run the next few days :)
Here is a list of additions/changes/resolutions:
Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
__ Added Care Plans list to the main menu (left hand side under Patn tab) for a quick view of whether the patient as an active care plan or not.
__ Added Care plans to Patient Tracker -> Appointments section to coincide with appointment information & give quick access to cleanup Care Plans.
__ Added [Merge TO Selected Care Plan] ability to help cleanup Care Plans
__ Added Care Plan Usage to the Care Plan Defaults.
__ Added ability to keep appts when discontinuing a care plan.
__ Modified Care Plan defaults screen to provide more feedback on care plan usage & update all in progress care plans consistently.
__ Modified Care Plan screen to remove the ability to alter care plans for specific patients - care plan specifications are now controlled by the Care Plan defaults, which will provide more consistency.
__ Modified Discontinue Care Plan to remove future appts (regardless of status) from Care Plan.
__ Resolved issue with Critical Window process setting the wrong Total Care Plan appts incorrectly, causing care plans to then complete prematurely.

__ Added Patient Comments display & editing to the main menu (left hand side under Patn Prac tab).

__ Auto-Added security for Care Plan merging to anyone that previously had access to the Appt Tracker screen, if this is not the desired setting for your clinic, please update "Merge Care Plans" using the Utilities -> Users -> User Security Rights (by Object) screen.