ChiroSUITE v4.14.0103 Released!

Hi :)

We released ChiroSUITE v4.14.0103 on January 3rd to add in some additional functionality and fix a few issues (details below).  


You can find chirosuite Update Instructions here and although we encourage you to walk through the process at your convenience, we are certainly available to help if you need it - please call to SCHEDULE a time to do the update together, we are not available to help with the update at the moment you call in!

Have a great day!
chirosuite Support Staff


- added "Upgrade to v5" menu item with various featues to try to make the transition easier :)

- added ability to sort Third Party Receive Payments by date or patient

- added Busn - Prac Listing report to Practitioner Reports

- updated Income Statement's totals quadrant (bottom of report) for easier reading

- resolved issue with "(Paid) Sales by Item" and "(Paid) Sales by Item Detailed" reports (Reports -> Sales Reports)

- resolved issue on Third Party Receive Payments screen with date filtering

- resolved issue on Third Party billing where multiples for DND, DVA, RCMP all failed to show the unit price on the billing report