ChiroSUITE v5.14.0103 Released!

Hi :)

We released ChiroSUITE v5.14.0103 on January 3rd to add in functionality and resolve some issues.  This is quite a large update & contains some very important changes.  Please read through the details below, print them on first logon, or read the email sent to see a complete list of changes!  As always, we value your feedback - please let us know what you like & don't like, what is work well & not so well, and what you would like to see in a future release :)

You can find chirosuite Update Instructions here and although we encourage you to walk through the process at your convenience, we are certainly available to help if you need it - please call to SCHEDULE a time to do the update together, we are not available to help with the update at the moment you call in!

Have a great day!
chirosuite Support Staff

(this list is available directly in ChiroSUITE)

We hope you take the time to read through all of the changes - but it is vitally important that you understand the following few changes:

- Added an "Admin MODE" indicator on left hand side menu to help remind clinics not to use the "Admin" user for anything other than admin functions - the day to day usage should be handled by another user account!  In this update we have disabled functions in ChiroSUITE to run when logged on as the "Admin" user (not an Admin level user) so it is very important that you do NOT run your day-to-day ChiroSUITE as "Admin"!!!
- Turned off No Show checking when logged on as the "Admin".
- Fee increase Feb 1st will now include FREE Online Backups & FREE Online Booking :)

*Please review all email templates after you update - in an effort to cleanup the templates & simplify them, we may have altered/removed some of the variables you were using - these can be found by looking for [] in your email.
*We strongly recommend that all of your emails include your clinic name in the subject line.  You can accomplish this by placing [clinic] (including the square brackets) in your subject line.  So for example, your old email reminder subject of "Email Reminder" should say "Email Reminder from [clinic]"
*We have updated the clinic variables availabe in the email templates to include address, email, phone number, and combinations thereof!
*Removed the special instruction setup from the email template screen. The special instructions used for a template are now set up in the Email Template Usage screen Utilities -> Email/SMS -> EmailTemplate Usage… . Any special instructions that were set up only in the email templates will not be carried over to the new setup. Please check that your special instruction setup is as you expect it to be.

Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
- Added the ability to have appointment comments pop up when checking out a patient - particularly useful if you are using the comments for billing notes. This can be turned on in the system settings on the Schedules tab (Utilities -> System -> System Settings)
- Added a new security right to turn off editing or adding new appointments. (Utilities -> Users -> User Security Rights)
- Added the appointment status to the message that pops up when attempting to delete an appointment that has a status other than 'Pending'. Also added a schedule refresh after the message is closed to update the display to reflect the actual status.
- Added a check when scheduling appointments to prompt the user when the appointment will run over the practitioner's end of day.
- Updated the process to check for No Show appointments to speed it up.
- Resolved issue with certain Cancel processes updating patient comments for ALL patients instead of just the patient you are on.  Please have a look at a few patient records to ensure this is not an issue for you (or look at Patients -> Patient Comments) - if it is an issue then we can restore patient comments from a previous backup for you - please check & let us know as soon as possible!!
- Resolved issue with the Appointment Quick Cancel menu not being accessible with rights assigned.
- Resolved issue with care plan defaults where occasionally adding new defaults caused an error and would not let you add the default.
- Resolved an issue where an error would sometimes occur when arriving multiple appointments for the same person.
- Resolved an issue where appointments were not being archived properly during the EOD process - also added the archiving process to the Nightly Backup process (through CS5 Backup) for those clinics who do not use the EOD Process.
- Resolved an issue where during conversion, appointment reminders may not have been set up correctly.
- Resolved issue with the appointment reminders not updating correctly when changing the appointment time on the appointment screen.
- Resolved an issue where sending email reminders in the SOD process would result in a Type Mismatch error.
- Resolved an issue where sending email reminders causes a foreign key error.
- Resolved issue when cancelling an appointment and adding to the call list where the contact details were too long an error occurs.
- Resolved issue where calendar attachments were not showing after they were created from the Patient Tracker using the 'Add To Existing' button.
- Schds - Modified schd opening code to better control opening new vs. jumping to already open schd for pracs.  Also modified the code to avoid opening schds wider than the screen - this may require you to adjust your default widths in the practitioner setup screen!
- When loading schedules from the toolbar button, no longer load schedules for practitioners who aren't in the resource list.
- Resolved an issue where opening an appointment while the appointment screen was open causes the current appointment screen to be cleared out and invalid.
- Resolved an issue where it was possible to book new appointments during holidays.
- Turned off No Show checking when logged on as the "Admin".
- Added a warning on the appointment screen to show when reminders exist but will not be sent.
- Added a warning on the appointment screen when the patient does not have an up to date consent record.
- Resolved issue where the Practitioner Default Appointment Type Wizard was not saving new dates or saving them incorrectly.
+ Resolved issue on the appointment screen for the 'No current record' error when dealing with calendar attachments
+ Modified care plan setup screen to carry forward the care plan description as your default description until you manually over ride it.

Billing/Payments/Items/Third Party
- Added the ability to specify the amounts when transferring credits on the Patient Checkout screen.
- Added a new "Sales Tax Item" type so that you can easily add items with charge amounts instead of percentages & still have them appear on the new Tax Reports.  Please make sure you review your tax items & utilize this new item type.
- Added a new 'Tax Item' item type.
- Resolved issue with date effective appt -> billing item ranges causing duplication in checkout wizard.  The source of the issue was resolved as well as any outstanding data issues, so as of this update you should not have any further duplication if you already were - nothing additional needs to be done after the update.
- Resolved an issue on the Tax Amount setup where duplicate entries could cause an error.
- Resolved an issue when adding a new Patn/Payor split for an item could cause an error when saving if the required fields were not filled in.
- Resolved an issue when closing the Patient Check Out Wizard with the error 'The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist'.
- Resolved issue where opening the Gift Certificate screen could cause and error.
- Added an expiry date and notes for items on the item setup screen
- Added the ability to set the default receipt type on the receipt reprint screen
- Resolved issue where new gift certificate numbers were not being generated automatically when creating a new gift certificate
- Resolved an issue where adding 3rd party payers with now address information causes an error.
- Resolved error when cancelling the Third Party AR during processing in the AR (Letters & Reports) Wizard
+ Resolved 'invalid use of Null' error on the Reconciliation - Third Party Received screen
+ Resolved error when filtering results on the SOA screen.
+ Resolved issue on the Practitioner/Payr/Price Level setup screen where the insufficient requirements error would occur on save when no record has been changed.
+ Resolved issue on the ROP report where the date to was misleading by being ahead one day from what was selected.
+ Resolved the issue with an error message when trying to add duplicate items to the billing setup.
+ Modified payment receipt & credit creation to not allow expired business entities from accepting payments.
+ Resolved issue where opening the Patient Checkout Wizard with the calendar popup open could sometimes cause an error
+ Resolved issue in patient billing tax calculation where in very very specific cases, the tax would not get calculated for a specific line item
+ Resolved issue with DND, DVA, RCMP billing multiple items & diplaying the total price (instead of the per item price) on the Blue Cross form
+ Added [Order By 3rdP Bill Date] option in Receive 3rd Party Payments screen to help when 3rd party statements are shown by date instead of patient name :) 
+ Added the expiry date and expiry notes to the Receive Item screen.
+ Resolved a divide by 0 error when processing new 3rd party billing in the  Billing Wizard.
+ Resolved a divide by 0 error when recreating or reprinting 3rd party billing in the Billing Wizard
+ Resolved a divide by 0 error when creating a new billing by patient in the Billing Wizard
+ Added a Discharge Date warning on checkout for MVA/WCB when the billing date is greater than the patient's discharge date on their 3rd party.
+ Resolved error on billing adjustment screen that would show everyone's writeoffs from the day when a specific patient was selected (it would only delete the correct ones though)
+ Resolved an issue with filtering 3rd party payments by invoice num.
+ Resolved an issue with editing patient comments from the checkout wizard.

- Added a new setting to indicate if new addresses and email addresses should default to be excluded from mailing lists to comply with upcoming legislation changes.  This can be set up in Utilities -> System - > System Settings…
- Added a From and Cc email address to the Email Support, Feature Request and Error screens to track who sent the emails better.
- Changed the Email Support screen to allow sending a current screenshot
- Removed the ability to email new patient letters to avoid issues with clinics emailing too much information to patients.  We will re-work this process in the future to allow you to email out new patient letters as intended but in the short term, we felt it was more important to avoid issues!
- Removed the ability to export AR 0/30/60/90 day Letters to avoid issues with clinics emailing too much information to patients.  We will re-work this process in the future to allow you to email out new patient letters as intended but in the short term, we felt it was more important to avoid issues!
- Changed the way email templates are handled and set up. You will need to set up the email templates and associated usage under the main menu Utilities -> Email/SMS -> Email Templates… and Utilities -> Email/SMS -> Email Template Usage… as well.
- Resolved the 'File already open' error when sending email.
- Resolved issue where SMS reminders could be sent out as an Email reminder.
- Resolved issue when emailing reports the search screen fails to load the correct person to email to.
- Resolved issue where the Email Support from the toolbar did not open the correct screen.
- Resolved an issue where SMS providers could be deleted even if they were still in use.
- Resolved issue when deleting an email address not all the associated data was being cleaned up properly.
- Resolved an issue when closing the Send Reminder Emails screen with the error 'The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist'.
- Resolved an error with the Email/SMS reminder send where a type mismatch error can occur with specific template setups.
- Resolved issue where an error occurred after deleting the last email template for a given type.
- Resolved issue where an error occurred when adding a new email template if none existed for that template type.
- Fixed incorrect email and SMS addresses to use
- Changed the email form to automatically fill in the template codes when you select a template from the subject drop down list.
+ Cleaned up the email templates and simplified the setup.
+ Added a new ChiroSUITE Help Videos site so that we could shorten the name & resolve the issues with emailing staff members with email systems that did not support the longer names.
+ Removed the ability to email various patient letters to patients to avoid accidents of emailing all 20 letters to 20 patients instead of individually as you imagine it works (for example).  We will revisit this process in a future version to build the functionality you imagine.  

EOD/SOD Process
- Added emailing practitioner schedule to the EOD process.
- Added the Payment Breakdown report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added the Third Party Payment Breakdown report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added the Payment Breakdown (Num of Trans) report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added the Sales By Item report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added the Sales By Item (Paid Only) report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added the Sales By Item (With Profit) report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added the Daily Appt vs Billing Report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added the Gift Certificate Sales report to the list of EOD processes.
- Added Birthday List By Prac Pref to the Practitioner Reports and the SOD processes
- Changed the EOD process screen to allow users to run the EOD process even if users are still logged into the system.
- Resolved issue with EOD process not logging user out properly & leaving them logged on.  When you go to logon again as that user you will be able to regardless of having done EOD the night before.

- Added the option to set up where new screens appear for machines with multiple monitors.
- Added the SQL timeout setting to the SQL Server Setup screen to help with timeouts.
- Added instructions to manually map the network drive on the server to the Mapped Drive Verify screen so that when Windows has removed the mapping, you can re-map easily enough :)
- Added extra checks to help remap drives when the drive mapping is missing.
- Resolved the issue where the message 'Unable to connect to SQL Server - grabbing date time from local machine' appears when exiting.
- Resolved issue with search screen where searching for the clinic name showed no results.
- Resolved an issue where sometimes checking for new event list updates can fail.
- Updated OSVersion function to return proper operating system version up to Windows 8.1
- Removed the ability to search for patients from the SOA screen.
- Resolved issue where adding relationships could result in a primary key error 
- Added an "Admin MODE" indicator on left hand side menu to help remind clinics not to use the "Admin" user for anything other than admin functions - the day to day usage should be handled by another user account!
+ Resolved issue on slower machines when clicking 'Ok' on the Application updates screen could cause an 'Object invalid or no longer set.' error
+ Resolved issue with SpecDocs adding practitioners that were not active on the schedule
+ Modified sort order on DoIt Task list to be consistent across all filtering options (by due date, with items with no due date being sorted first)

Google Calendars - Practitioner & Patient
- Added the ability to turn off Sync for individual Google Calendar accounts.
- No longer add Google updates to the event list if a google calendar is not set up.
- Restricted the Google calendar window to 14 days forward and 7 days back, this is how we originally meant for the feature to be used.  We will examine expanding on those date ranges in the future to allow for varied functionality, but in the short term, longer date ranges were causing clinics issues.
- Removed automatic validation and updating when setting up Google accounts.
- Resolved Google updates with redirection error causing the updates to fail.
- Resolved an issue where Google updates with the "&", "<", or ">" in the data would not update correctly and display an error.

Online Booking  *FREE as of Feb 1st*
- Added the ability to rebuild the Online Booking practitioner schedules without resetting all online booking data.
- Resolved issue where online booking may fail to correctly generate schedules when syncing appointments
+ Added OB Activation directly on Utilities -> Online Booking (OB)  menu to make it easier to find
+ Added [Load Default] button on schedule instructions to allow you to reset the instructions.
+ Updated the schedule instructions to correct a spelling mistake.  This was already updated online for you but when you update the information next, you will accidentally put the spelling mistake back in :)

- Added the ability to set the number of receipts printed on a per person basis.
- Added the ability to have multiple chart numbers for a patient (by practitioner) - setup under Utilities -> Clinic -> Clinic Setup.
- Added the ability to specify a colour for the Rapport Notes section of the SOAP screen and Patient Tracker in the System Settings screen to help visually draw attention to the fact that the patient has Rapport Notes.
- Resolved issue where patient pictures would not always save properly when taken.
- Resolved an issue where patients could not be split from family billing properly if they had used credits.
- Resolved an issue where the patient tracker fields contents would appear as #deleted.
- Resolved the issue where the default practitioner was not saving in all cases on the Add New patient Wizard.
- Resolved an issue on the add new patient wizard where if a field with an input mask was not valid and then a different page is selected an error occurs.
- Resolved an issue on the add new patient wizard where having an sms phone number but no provider selected and clicking finish caused an error.
- Added the ability to set up warnings for patients who do not have valid consent agreements. This can be set up in Utilities -> Practitioners -> Practitioner Types…
- Added the ability to create consent records in bulk under Patients -> Patient Bulk Consent Setup
- Added the ability to inactivate patients by chart number and see a report of potential patients to archive under Patients -> Patient Chart Archiving…
+ Resolved issue with the mailing list addresses showing up when set to exclude from the list.
+ Resolved issue with the mailing list where you could not choose alternate addresses when editing the mailing list
+ Added a 'Save And Delete' button to the patient document screen, for new records this allows you to add the document and delete the original.
+ Resolved issue with non-billing relationships showing the flip side of the relationship explanation

+ modified Business Entity display to better highlight inactive business entities & provide additional information for resolving
+ modified inactive practitioners display to better highlight inactive practitioners in a more readable format
+ modified mis-spelling of acupuncture :)
+ added Busn - Prac Listing report to quickly display your business entity, practitioner breakdowns ( Reports -> Practitioner Reports -> Billing tab )

- Added the number of invoices on the Cashout Summary reports.
- Added As Of Date to Item Valuation Report (Item Reports) to allow you to run an inventory list as of a past date.
- Added the ability to export and create mailing lists from the Top Patient reports on the Statistics reports screen.
- Added a report of the hours worked per week for practitioners to the statistics reports.
- Added a new Patient list report to show the patients who have been in for a specified number of visits since their first appointment. This can be found in the appointment reports.
- Added the specific payor filter to the third party, and third party reconciliation reports.
- Added a supplier list report in the item reports.
- Changed the reprint receipts to use the date the transactions were paid as the date instead of the current date.
- Changed the way the Patient Summary and Phone Book reports were generated to speed them up.
- Changed the Appointment History report generation to speed up loading.
- Resolved issue where statements were generated with a '1/1/1900' start date when processing the ROP.
- Resolved issue where the clinic name could get cut off when printing gift certificates.
- Resolved the issue where report lines were being cut off on the sales item reports.
- Resolved issue where the incorrect address was appearing on the RCMP and DND/DVA claim forms when generating them for the first time.
- SOA - Resolved issue with account credits not showing details of how acct credit was used & showing double payments for initial overpayment.
- Resolved issue where the item description is cut off on the A/R letter reports.
- Increased width of columns on the Sales By Item (Paid Only) report to avoid data being cut off.
- Resolved an issue where the email addresses on the Patient Summary reports would display the incorrect background colour.
- Resolved an issue where the vertical lines on the receipts were running the full length of the page if the report was more than one page long.
- Resolved issue with the Hour of Operations report where certain combinations of criteria can cause an error.
- Resolved issue where A/R error occurred when printing the Patient statement from the SOA screen.
- Modified format of Income Statement totals at the bottom of each page for readability & to resolve issues with confusion of totals!  
- Modified Income Statement to improve previewing/printing speed.
- Added item expiry reports on the Item Reports screen
- Added a new report for consent in the practitioner reports.
- Added a tax column to the Sales By Item w/Profit report
+ Added the Patient Recare By Appointment practitioner report to the Appointment Reports screen.
+ Resolved issue with Income Statement by Business Entity - where the business entity was flagged to "Hide From Schds" but there were active practitioners using that business entity, the Income Statement would not include them when printing by Business Entity (but did fine by Practitioner)
+ Resolved issue with Income Statement when payment notes were at maximum, the report would throw an error
+ Upgraded the security settings on reports to restrict them more tightly based on User Security rights.
+ Modified Patient Reports Mailing Labels to default to not "print only billing patients" - printing only billing patients sometimes causes confusion on the report results

SOAP Notes & Paperless Office
- SOAP - Added Appt Type code & description to SOAP Recap screen for quick viewing of appt date & type.
- SOAP - Added Overview information for archived appts as well (it was previously excluded).
- Restricted the type of documents that can be loaded into Cust Docs and Spec Docs
- Resolved issue with duplicate quotes showing in notes fields in SOAP Freeform Questions.  This should be resolved on a go forward basis as well as any existing items are cleaned up by the update.
+ Added the patient name to the SOAP recap screen.
+ Added a Speed keys button on the SOAP screen
+ Added a 'Copy Prev' button on the SOAP screen to copy free form style questions from previous SOAP notes.
+ Added the options to turn on the SOAP Open Recap and Copy Last for the users to the user setup screen.
+ Added SOAP Activation directly on Utilities -> SOAP menu to make it easier to find
+ Added a better explanation of why SOAP isn't active for a practitioner to help with the confusion & to help easily follow the instructions to resolve.

- When changing the user logon name, the password resets as well, use the pencil icon next to the logon name to change the logon name.
- When a new user logs in, any screens that were previously open are now closed.
- Resolved an issue where the rapidbook setting was not correctly set after one user logs out and a different user logs in.
- Resolved an issue when logging out when certain screens are open an error occurs.