ChiroSUITE v4.9.9113 Released !

Hi :)

We released ChiroSUITE v4.9.9113 on October 14th to add in some additional functionality and fix a few issues (details below).  This is an optional update - you can easily upgrade using the [Check for Updates] button in ChiroSUITE or the Toolbox - if you would like assistance please contact technical support to arrange a time for us to remote in & give you a hand :)

Please update to the latest version at your convenience - if you need help or prefer a "sit back & enjoy the update show" approach please just email/call to schedule a time with one of our support staff!  Terminal Server & remote monitored clinics will have their ChiroSUITE automatically by support staff!

Have a great day!
chirosuite Support Staff

( click here to download the update if you are already logged on )

(this list is available directly in ChiroSUITE)

***This update contains a change that allows the schedules to be made skinnier for squeezing more on the screen at once (and keyboard navigation in case you can't see all the buttons).  This change forced us to reset the default sizes of how the schedules load - this may mess up with your current schedule layout.  We apologize for the inconvenience - please edit your layout the first time after you login & re-save the layout so you only have to correct it once :)

- added Records & Total columns to 3rd Party Reconciliation wizard so that you can immediately see what is outstanding for each 3rd party
- added 'Send SMS Reminders' to Start of Day process, it will be auto-set to the same as your 'Send Email Reminders'
- added Email/SMS Reminders to End of Day process
- added Tax Summary - Services vs. Products report
- added visual reminder to update future booked appointments if updating settings in the Patient Tracker
- added Birthday List (by prac pref) to allow [Create Mailing List]
- added Family Member grouping to A/R Patient Letters for better breakdown & readability

- modified schedules to allow for skinnier formatting (so you can squeeze more of them on the screen)
- modified schedules to allow for quick keyboard navigation (left arrow for previous day, right arrow for next day, down arrow for last week, up arrow for next week, spacebar for today)
- modified EOD process to give a better description of the users logged on preventing the process from running
- modified confusing message in the call list when saving details for the last call on the call list

- resolved issue adding new appt types
- resolved issue with inactive users not showing up in old log information (if you see this in any additional screens please let us know)
- resolved issue with tax reports not opening