Reprint or Recreate 3rd Party Invoices

All invoices are saved and can be recreated/reprinted. 

Billing -> 3rd Party Billing Wizard

1. Search patient. Tip! Clicking the red heart will pull in your active patient.
2. Select Payor.
3. Select invoice.
4. [Preview] or [Print]. Tip! If you choose to email be VERY careful!! ALL invoices created at the same time are batched together. Meaning, several patient invoices could appear under the same Payor. CAUTION!!! Preview the invoice BEFORE emailing or printing to ensure you're only reprinting the invoice of the selected patient.

Tip! The Statement list will show any and all invoices created for this patient, if you want to view more then the last year click the x in the red box "You are viewing only the previous year by default".


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