Gift Certificates

Billing -> Gift Certificates

1. Select Patient Purchasing.
2. ALWAYS use "New Patient" and track the GC number NEVER "Existing Patient". Tip! If you put a GC on the account of an existing patient the amount shows as a credit, we guarantee at some point a surprise GC purchase will be ruined when the patient comes out of treatment and is asked if they want to use the credit on account for the appointment. We can't say this enough, use numbers and track them. 
3. Enter description. Tip! Only applicable if you print GC's from this screen (it's not pretty) we suggest you make your own.
4. Select Business Entity, if applicable.
5. Generate GC number or create your own.
6. Enter amount.
7. Enter payment type & amount.
8. Print receipt for patient purchasing if they would like one.
9. Click [Save].
GC's need to be merged to the patient account to use. Tip! To avoid ruining a surprise do this at the time of service ONLY, it appears as credit on account.

Billing -> Merge Gift Certificates

1. Select the patient.
2. Highlight the GC. Tip! Make sure to record the GC number on certificates and track.
3. Click [Merge Selected Gift Certificate].
4. Click [Save].
Tip! Once merged the GC will show in your "Pay Type" drop down menu on checkout.
For more information see our "Gift Certificates" video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Webinars -> Gift Certificates.


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