Backing up to your USB or other External Drive

Updated February 10, 2020 


Inserting the Drive the First Time

The first time you insert your USB Drive Windows will have to add some drivers to properly recognize the drive. This will perform itself automatically and should only take a moment. Once completed you should receive a popup to "Click to Cancel" or “Open folder to view files” if you desire. Select the letter that corresponds to the drive.

Setting Up the CS5 BackUp to your USB or other External Drive

Version 5 has a Yellow Sunflower icon on your main computer for backups.  When you are setting up your USB/External drive, open the Sunflower and click [Stop] on top right IMMEDIATELY.  Go under 'Data Backup, select 'Backup Locally' then select  'Copy to' and  click on the file folder button and [browse] to select your drive.

When backups run this will create a backup locally on your PC as well as on your  USB/external drive.  If you stop using this drive, ensure to change the mapping if you have a new one, or, if you do not want to backup to your USB drive permanently than highlight and delete the mapping and uncheck the box.

After you have backed up your data a few times, there will be a bunch of date/time stamped CS5 backup files on your backup device – these all are backups of your chirosuite data.  You can delete as many of these as you want when you need to make room for more files depending on the storage capacity of your USB key/external hard drive.  To easily delete outdated backups ensure the key or disk is in and go into Chirosuite.  Under 'Utilities -> Cleanup/Maintenance -> Cleanup Backups which you can utilize. 


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