Cycle the Power

Sometimes you need to cycle the power on all your equipment to make sure the issue you are having isn't something easy to fix.  We don't recommend this often, but when we do, here are the steps to follow:

1. On ALL secondary computers, close all programs & Shut down

2. On your main/server computer, close all programs & Shut down

3. Turn off all other equipment - printers, scanners, nas devices, etc

4. Turn off all networking equipment - routers, switches, modems, etc... typically this equipment doesn't have a power switch & you may have to resort to pulling the power cord

5. Enjoy the silence for a few minutes :)

6. Turn on the cable/dsl modem provided by your internet provider FIRST & give it a solid few minutes to collect its thoughts

7. Turn on/plug in all other networking equipment (routers, switches, etc) and give them a few minutes to get going

8. Turn on any other equipment - printers, scanners, nas devices, etc

9. turn on your main/server computer, logon & give it a few minutes before running any programs

10. Turn on all secondary computers in whatever order you like

Let us know if you are still having the same issues that brought you here to begin with :)


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