Using Online Booking on a Computer

Once the setup for online booking is completed in ChiroSUITE, your patients can book appointments online.  When the patient books an appointment online, how the web page appears and how they search for an appointment, is different on a computer vs a cell phone. This article will use the computer format and walk through online booking from the patient's perspective.  Each section will also reference which area in the online booking setup that determines what you are seeing and possible options when applicable.  This will help with connecting the setup to how it will look online.  For information on online booking setup, click here Online Booking Step 2

When the patient clicks on a link from your social media page, it would direct them to our online booking web page.  In the setup, you can decide if it directs to a specific practitioner, practitioner type or to all practitioners.  The below example is for all practitioners.

Setup information in ChiroSUITE > Utilities > OB (Online Booking) > OB Clinic Setup > Links for Web Dev tab.


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