3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard - Over payments

If a 3rd Party billing was overpaid in the 3rd Party Receive Payments step, a reconciliation item will be created in the 3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard. This article will step you through the process to create a new charge to increase the original billing to match the paid amount. Example: if your original billing is $25 and the paid amount is $35, then a new $10 billing will be created.  

Billing -> 3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard

The first box, Step 1, will appear with the 3rd Party Payor types to reconcile, highlight one type or [ALL] > [Next].

Step 2 & 3 leave at the defaults and just click [Next].
Step 4, double click on the Patient/Amount you wish to address, or single click and [Reconcile]

Next, the 'Reconciliation Wizard - Reconcile Partial/Refused Payments' screen is displayed. This is where you will reconcile the item selected. 

1. This section displays the billing amount, the date and information on what amount was paid. Verify that the 'Bill Info' and the 'Pay Info' are correct.
2. These are the actions that can be taken for the billing. Click [Receive Overpay].  Note: This is the only option you can select for an overpaid billing.

NOTE: We always recommend leaving dates and NOT back dating.  If you are changing the date, make sure you are aware of how this affects your data for reporting, which will affect paying practitioners and balancing 

3. Click [Next] if you have more billings to deal with or [Finish] if you are done. This returns you to the main screen.

4. In Step 4, the action you took on the billing(s) will display in the 'Action' column, make sure it is correct. [Next] to proceed.

5. [Process Reconciliation Changes].
6. Preview/Print if required
7. [Finish]

The new charge is created as shown below in the SOA (Statement of Account). Example: if your original billing is $25 and the paid amount is $35, then a new $10 billing will be created.  

Further Action:

If the new billing created is correct, no other steps are required.  If a credit needs to be created, see the options below:

  1. Put the money as a patient credit, click here: 3rd Party Over payment - Amount To Go Back to Patient as Credit
  2. Pay back the 3rd party because they gave you too much money, click here: 3rd Party Over payment -  Amount To Be Sent Back to Payor
  3. Put the money as a 3rd party credit for the patient's future visit, click here: 3rd Party Over payment - Amount To Be Used Towards Future Visit
  4. Adjust the next payment from the 3rd party to reflect a reduced amount, click here: 3rd Party Over payment - Payor Will Deduct From the Next Payment


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