3rd Party Over payment - Amount To Be Sent Back to Payor

This article is for when a patient has a 3rd party credit and it has been confirmed you need to send the money back.  This means on a previous visit the 3rd party over paid (the paid amount was higher than the submitted amount in ChiroSUITE).  Some examples are:

- Wrong visit submitted online/manually (i.e. initial visit vs regular visit)
- The payor pays a percentage of the visit, but the wrong amount was entered so the percentage calculated is wrong
- Submitted the wrong patient online to what was billed out in ChiroSUITE (i.e. husband not wife)
- 3rd party payor just paid more than the invoice submitted


Has the 3rd party over payment reversal step been completed and sent through the 3rd party billing wizard, so the status is 'Sent (waiting to receive)?  If so, the patient should have a NEGATIVE billing in their 3rd party A/R, which is indicated by numbers in brackets or in their statement of accounts (SOA) > Third Party (Owing) tab, a NEGATIVE value in the submitted column and 'Sent' status.

If not, click here for info on how to process the reversal: Reversal for 3rd Party Billing


Exactly like receiving a 3rd party payment, you would select the billings to make up the cheque or direct deposit, but the difference is you are creating a negative cheque instead of receiving a positive cheque. 


Billing > 3rd Party Receive Payments

1. Click the heart if the active patient is the correct one, or search up the patient.  This will highlight the 3rd party and only bring up billing items for this patient.
2. [Next]

3. Fill in all fields starting from Date:  Note: change the 'Cheq From:' to indicate it is a refund and 'Cheq Amt:' is a negative.
4. [Next]

5. If this is the patient's only billing and it matches the negative cheque, then automatically the status will display paid.  If there are more billings, then select [Paid] for the negative billing (credit).
6. Click [Finish]


On the Cashout Summary (Day End Detail Report), the negative cheque will display under 'Third Party Payments', the same as other 3rd party payments.  Just note that if you have processed a cheque or direct deposit for the SAME 3rd party, this column does not separate to show both, but will show the net amount.  Example: Two cheques were processed for Blue Cross, $50 and  -$5 cheque, so this column will show $45 (50-5).

Reports > Cashout Summary


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