HTML Basics

In your online booking setup, for text to appear bold or italicized, this requires HTML elements to be added.  Sections where you use this would be in the Schedule Instructions, Clinic Information or in Terms.  We will list some basic elements and show a couple of examples of how to use it, but if you require other ones or additional help, we suggest searching online or contacting your web developer.

HTML Elements

An HTML element usually consists of a start tag and an end tag, with the content inserted in between.  The start tag always follows the, <tagname> format and the end tag follows the, </tagname> format:
<tagname>Content goes here</tagname>


<b>Bold Text</b>
<i>Italic Text</i>
<ol> Ordered list</ol>  OR <ol type = "1">To Create a Numbered List</ol>
<li>List items</li>
<br>Break (or return - creates a blank line) --> No end tag required for Break

Without HTML Elements

1. Utilities > OB (Online Booking) > OB Clinic Setup > Clinic (tab)

In our setup, we have the verbiage 'Welcome to our clinic!  Select the practitioner,' etc...  

2. Without any HTML elements, this is how it looks online:

How to use the HTML Elements

3. The HTML element 'start tag' must be entered where you want your effect to start.  When you want your effect to end, add the HTML element 'end tag'. In our example, we ONLY want the word Welcome to be bold.

<b> Welcome </b> to our clinic!

4. With HTML elements, this is how it will look online:

5. In this next example, we will keep the word 'Welcome' bold, but also want a break (a new line) after 'clinic!'.  Then we want to have our instructions to show as a numbered list, 1, 2, etc...

<b> Welcome </b> to our clinic! <br>
<ol type = "1">
<li> Select the practitioner </li>
<li> Select the type of appointment </li>
<li> Look through the calendar of available times and click to book </li>
<li> Submit the appointment request </li>

6. With HTML elements, this is how it will look online:


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