Uninstalling ChiroSUITE

May 3, 2019

If ChiroSUITE is NOT required on a secondary computer (so NOT MAIN), these instructions will uninstall the program.  If you are having issues with ChiroSUITE, please contact support for assistance.

Steps to properly uninstall ChiroSUITE 5

1. Left click on the start button > Settings > Apps
2. Uninstall the following:
ChiroSUITE 5
Microsoft Access 2003 Runtime
Total Access Memo 2007 Runtime ([Yes to All] when asked)

3. Disconnect the csv5data drive by clicking on the File Explorer icon > Under This PC right click on csv5data (name and lettering will vary per clinic) > Disconnect

4. Reboot the machine and the uninstall is completed.


 Email Help@chirosuite.ca or Call toll free at 855.509.1111 


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