Patient Reports: History/Recalls/Mail Lists/Sales

The most commonly used reports for generating patient lists are:
Reports -> Appointment Reports:

1. Appointment History - For ALL patients who have been in more recently.  Used to reach out to active patients who have visited your office over the past 1, 2, or 3 years, for marketing, newsletters, & holiday greetings.

2. Lapsed Visit History - For patients who have not been in for a period of time. Used to recall patients who have fallen out of care.

3Patient Recare List (by Clinic) - For patients whose last visit is in a certain date range useUsed to recall patients who have fallen out of care, typically date ranges for 3, 6, 9 etc months are used. 

4. New Patient Visit List (completed appts only) - For NEW patients to your office use. Used when exporting to a marketing program like MailChimp. Tip! For this report to work New Patient Appointments need to be flagged as "New" in Appointment Types/Billing Setup. To learn how to flag appointments as "New" click here: Adding New Billing Items, Adding New Appointments & Linking to Billing. It's also important to track when you do this export to ensure you're not importing duplicate patients. The first time doing this type of export to catch ALL patients in the office, use report 1.

Reports -> Sales Reports:

5. Sales by Item - For patients who purchased a particular product (like orthotics) use. Used to market to patients who have purchased a specific product/service in the past.

Tip! Most reports in ChiroSUITE can be turned into a mail list, to learn how to create a mail list click here: Creating Mailing List for Email or Postal; Recare, Lapsed, History

For more information see our "Mailing Lists" video -> You can access the videos directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Mailing Lists.


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