Treatment Plan or Care Plan: Which to use

Treatment Plan

Setting up a "Treatment Plan" question is the simplest most streamlined approach to capturing your recommendations. The screenshot is a sample only, create a new question using the treatment plans you currently use in your office. To learn how to create a new question, click here: 4 SOAP Setup: Creating a New Question.

Care Plan

Care plans differ from treatment plans in ChiroSUITE, they track the number of visits, are a visual for assistants when booking appointments, and automatically send patients to the call list when they've fallen off of their care plan. They require much more work and a high level of attention to detail, they work fabulous for some offices and not very well for others. Before considering & setting up Care Plans, the webinar MUST be watched Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos, there are also Care Plan articles 1-3 under "Patient Management". Click here: Patient Management.

Whether you choose to use Treatment Plans or Care Plans, both can communicate your recommendations to the front desk. Tip! Make sure assistants know to click the check mark to indicate the task has been completed.
Tip! You may want to consider whether you have Treatment Plans/Care Plans "Copy Forward" in your office as this sends the same task to the front desk continuously.


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