SOAP Template Size Options

There are three different sizes of SOAP templates you can use in ChiroSUITE, each size increase allows for additional functionally. We recommend you try each to determine which works best for your office, keep in mind resolution changes are by computer NOT a global change.
SOAP Notes Format 1024x768 -> Default template size.
SOAP Notes Format 1366x768 -> Additional box added to the right of the screen for SOAP Comments; can be used by front desk & practitioners. More & more offices are using SOAP comments to put information they want to be reminded of on each visit, as an example, what the patient presented with on their initial visit and/or health care goals. Tip! If you choose to use comments this way disable the trash can to ensure the information is not accidentally deleted. Users->User Setup, SOAP Options tab, this setting is NOT a global change, needs to be set for each user/practitioner in the office. Tip! Anything entered into the SOAP Comments section of your template does NOT appear on reports when generating treatment notes for Lawyers or College Practice Reviews (etc). 

SOAP Notes Format 1920x1080 -> Additional box added to the right of the screen for SOAP Comments & Patient Documents. Note: Screen shot below only shows the additional box as the screen in it's entirely is too large to appear here. Depending on the size of your monitor this resolution may or may not work in your office.
To change the size of the SOAP template -> Utilities -> SOAP -> Computer / SOAP Notes Setup 
1. A list of your clinic's computers will open showing the 'Computer Name' and the current 'SOAP Notes Form to Use' option.
2. Use the dropdown to select the size that works best for you.
Tip! SOAP Format changes need to be done on each computer in your office & may or may not work depending on the size of your monitor.
Note: If you do not know the name of the computer that you are currently on, take a look at the top turquoise bar on your ChiroSUITE application. 
There you will see the ChiroSUITE version, the Clinic Name, followed by the computer name. See screenshot below. 

For more information see our "Resolution" video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> SOAP -> Resolution.


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