Rollover Processing: 3rd party Payor Accounts and/or Chart numbers

What does Rollover mean? Your rollover screen will pop up on the day you setup your chart numbers to renew, i.e., from 2019 to 2020, and/or 3rd party limits to replenish on patient accounts. Rolling over ensures patient accounts are accurate & up to date. Although rollovers can happen at any time of year, they are mostly seen on January 1st & July 1st.

TIP! THE POP UP SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED!! If it is ignored go to Utilities -> Clinic -> Rollover Processing.

1. In most cases you will select [Mark All Rollover].
2. Click [Process as Specified & Refresh].
Tip! To Verify the records have Rolled Over simply open a patient account that was on the report previewed and look at their 3rd Party Payor setup.  You should see a $0 YTD Used, full limit amount, and a new Rollover date.


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