Billing Adjustments/Correcting Billing Mistakes - Private Patient Accounts

First & foremost we cannot stress enough the importance of being VERY careful when making changes to financials. We regularly see assistants running amok in this area with little understanding of how billing adjustments affect financial records & how practitioners get paid; resulting in over/underpayments. We HIGHLY recommend only ONE key person in your office has access to make billing adjustments on previous days, i.e., your office manager and/or business owner. WE REALLY CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! 

Deleting Billings/Payments

Billing -> Billing Adjustment

1. Click Transactions tab.
2. Select date.
3. Highlight patient and click [Delete Non-3rd Party Payments].
4. Click [Delete Selected Transaction & Reset Appts to Arrived].
Tip! The appointment will go back to arrived in the schedule, you MUST go back to the schedule & checkout correctly to complete.
Tip! If an appointment on the schedule still shows "Completed" after you have made a billing adjustment right click on it and select "Flag appt arrived (from completed) in order to checkout again correctly, alternatively you can use Billing -> Patient Billing.  Be sure dates are correct when fixing mistakes and keep in mind you may need to print/save a new CashOut Summary Report. 

Deleting Payment/s Only

Tip! If you only need to correct a pay type and not the actual amount proceed to third screenshot "Changing Pay Type".

1. Click Payments tab.
2. Select date.
3. Highlight patient.
4. Click [Delete Payment & adjust AmtRemaining on ALL listed transactions].

Changing Pay Type

1. Click Change Pay Types tab.
2. Select date.
3. Highlight patient.
4. Highlight correct pay type and click [Change Pay Type].


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