3rd Party Payment Breakdown Report

This report will provide a breakdown of payments received by third parties and a detailed listing of all the services, with their transaction dates and the amounts which the payment has been applied to.  The pay type (cheque, direct deposit or other) and number/s for the payment received will be shown if entered.

 Reports -> A/R Reports
1. Select Third Party Payment Breakdown or By Prac (to ONLY see a particular practitioner's payments)
2. Edit From and To Dates required and the other fields if necessary.
3. Click [Preview] or [Print].

NOTE: The green box, 'Filter For:' is most commonly used if you know the EXACT reference number inputted when the payment was processed, i.e., cheque number, but are unsure of the exact date.  Just remember what you think you put and what you actually put may be different :), so be aware.



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