Comments under Patient or Appointment

ChiroSUITE allows you to save comments to a patient file that can be seen on the main screen and on check out, as well as a comment on appointments.
Patient Comments: There are two ways to add a comment:
1.  Through Patient Tracker 
2.  On the main Patient Action Panel screen of ChiroSUITE 

Put a check mark in the "Popup" box if you would like the comment to pop up. Tip! Click [Save] when adding a comment in patient tracker.
Patient Comments can be seen in the 'Patient Checkout Wizard' when checking out patient as per following screenshot. 

Appointment Comments: Appointment comments can be a one time comment for a particular appointment or a notation that goes on every appointment by clicking [Save as Default]. Put a check mark in the "Popup" box if you would like the comment to pop up. Click [Save].

If you choose to [Save as Default] you must select the Prac Type and enter comments in the following screen. You have the option of which appointments you would like to update. Click [Save].

Patient and appointment comments (that are saved as default), do not expire or disappear on their own.  If a comment no longer pertains to the patient then you will need to either update it or delete it. It is extremely beneficial to have staff initial and date comments as part of your policies and procedures. 


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