3. Care Plans: Adding Appointments, Postponing, Discontinuing, Completing

Appointments -> Appointment Tracker

1. Move Appts
2. Postpone Care Plan
3. Discontinue Care Plan
4. Flag Completed


[Move Appts]


1. Select care plan to move walk ins from (or old care plan to new).

2. Select appointments you wish to move.

3. Click [Move Selected Appts].


[Postpone Care Plan]


1. Select start date.

2. Select duration.

3. Provide reason.

4. Select care plan to postpone. 

5. Click [Finish Postpone Plan & Cancel Appts].



[Discontinue Care Plan]


1. Select discontinue date.

2. Select Care Plan.

3. Provide reason.

4. Toggle yes or no to cancel appts.

5. Click [Finish Discontinue Care Plan Cancel Appts].


[Flag Completed]

1.Highlight Care Plan 

2.Click [Flag Completed]

3.Click [Yes].


For more information see our "Care Plans Lists" video-> You can access the videos directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Care Plans.


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