2. Care Plans: Adding to Patient

This is one of the articles in our KB site where we ask you watch our Care Plan webinar BEFORE doing anything further!! Care plans are an exceptional feature in ChiroSUITE; however, they are also the most mismanaged feature we offer. With proper training & daily monitoring, they work wonderfully. That said, they are not the answer for every office.
Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Training/Webinar -> Care Plans
There are two ways to add a care plan for a patient:
1. By Staff members (Through Appointment Tracker)
2. By Practitioner (Through Practitioner SOAP Notes for Paperless offices).
1.  Appointments -> Appointment Tracker -> Click [Add New Care Plan].
Select Practitioner type, then Plan type from the drop down menu. Click [Save]. Tip! If there are appointments already booked they need to be manually added to the care plan.
2. Practitioner SOAP notes. Select Plan type from the drop down menu, choose auto move (or not), click [Save]. 
Once a Care Plan is added, assistants have a visual guide when scheduling future appointments. 
NOTE: If you click the check mark on the DoIt (Patient Task List), the task comes off permanently. 
For more information see our "Care Plans Lists" video-> You can access the videos directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Care Plans.


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