Part 1: Scanning/Uploading Documents

To upload a scanned document click the green '+' under the active patient. Once uploaded, the document will appear in patient tracker under Documents/Files.
Locate the folder with your scanned documents, we suggest creating a folder specifically for ChiroSUITE Scans. Highlight the document/s you wish to upload & click [Select File(s)]. Note: You can upload a single document or several at once for the same patient.
Using the drop down menu select the File Type you want the document to be filed under, click [Save & Delete Original] OR [Save]. Save & delete removes the original document from your scanned folder, using this option keeps the folder current allowing you to quickly locate the document/s you are uploading.
To add a new file type to the drop down menu click the green '+' and add in the (new record) field. 
Tip! NEVER scan/upload a document and immediately shred. You want to ensure ample time has passed and your backups have been received before shredding any documentation.
For more information see our Scanning video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> SOAP -> Scanning & Document Review.


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