7 SOAP Setup: Speed Key Setup

Utilities -> SOAP -> Speed Key Setup.
To program Group Description (yellow column) or Sub Group Description (green column), select the key you wish to program, go to the top of the screen and type in the Group/Sub Group Description box, click [Save]. Tip! The Group/Sub group keys are ONLY for sorting speed keys, they do not appear in your SOAP note.
1. Click on the key you wish to program.
2. Type in Button Description. Keep it brief! This is what will appear on the top of the key.
3. Type in Value. This is what will populate your SOAP note when you click the key to build your note. Options are endless, you can have associated words, sentences, or paragraphs.
4. Click [Save]
5 REPEAT! :) 
Once you have started building speed keys & practicing taking notes you will likely find you wish you had organized them differently. You DO NOT need to delete your keys and start again! Simply click [Move Mode], tap the key you wish to move and tap the new location (must be an empty key). Click [Move Mode] again to return to your main screen.
To sort your keys using colour you can do so in [Quick Colour Change]. Tap the colour you want to use, tap the key you wish to program the color with. Click [Quick Colour Change] again to return to your main screen.
For more information see our "SOAP Setup 7" video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> SOAP -> SOAP Setup 7 -> Speed Key Setup.


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