Open appointments (Not checked out) *You should NEVER have any*!!

If you do NOT use End of Day, there is no way to ensure all appointments have been checked out.  If billing adjustments are done and appointments go back to arrived or appointments are not checked out for whatever reason, this can mean lost revenue for your office and practitioners. 
To learn how to setup SOD/EOD click here: Start/End of Day Setup (SOD/EOD).
Tip! Confirm all your appointments flag to no show before you do anything else, if no shows are not setup on appointments this could be your reason for having open appointments. To learn how to flag appointments to no show click here: Setting Up A New Practitioner

File -> End of Day

By default the current date will appear, IF there are open appointments you will see a red X and will be unable to process EOD, click [View Open Appts] to see patient(s) who need to be checked out.
What now?

If the appointment is flagged as arrived in the practitioner schedule check it out or use [Chk Out] button above your Appts list, you must know how the patient paid to complete this step. Tip! You must understand the financial implications if the appointment is from a previous day/pay period, the practitioner/s may not have been paid! It is important to talk to the business owner/office manager to ensure this is handled correctly and there is no lost revenue for the practitioner or the business.

If the appointment(s) are long ago and you are not sure what happened for the appointment to not be checked out, an option is to check out, change everything to zero, make [note] then process. It is important to talk to the business owner/key admin person about this process first as it could indicate missing financials.

If the practitioner is no longer working in your office the schedule may be hidden, to check out an appointment use the [Chk Out] button as discussed above or "unhide" them. To learn how to unhide a practitioner click here: Practitioner Leaving or Returning. Tip! Don't forget to go back and hide the practitioner after you have dealt with the open appointments.

The moral to the story on this article, you really should be using EOD to avoid having any open appointments. :)


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