Calendar Attachment

Calendar attachments are for patients who use electronic calendars on their phones or PCs.

Tip! This is NOT the same as an appointment reminders.  
Tip! Setup SOD/EOD (Start/End of Day) to include this process. To learn how to setup SOD/EOD click here: Start/End of Day Setup (SOD/EOD).
Tip! Watch for notifications in the Action/Notification box on the top left of ChiroSUITE (under main calendar).
There are two ways to setup calendar attachments:
1. From Patient Tracker
2. From the "Add (or edit) Appointment" screen

Patient Tracker
1. From the Appointments tab click the green + in "Cal Attachments" to launch the "Calendar Attachment Setup" box. 
2. Select email address.
3. Click [Save]

Add New Appointment
1. Click the green + in the "Calendar Attachment" to launch the "Calendar Attachment Setup" box.
2. Select email address.
3. Click [Save]



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