Adding New Practitioner to SOAP

After you have entered your new practitioner into ChiroSUITE it is important to know that this process ALSO created a user log on and password. You will need to activate them to SOAP & assign security rights before they can move forward.
SOAP activation for practitioner 
If you already have SOAP activated in your office: 
File -> Integration/Modules->click the tools button on the far right of the SOAP Notes/EMR Module section
To learn how to activate the SOAP module click here:  Activating the SOAP Module
Enter a start date for your new practitioner (has to be a Sunday), use the past Sunday if they are required to SOAP in the current week. Do NOT put an end date in for a practitioner unless you have a date they will no longer be practicing in your office.
User Security Rights for SOAP access.  Note: For general security rights unrelated to SOAP/EMR click here: User Logon: New Staff Setup, Reset Password, Deactivate Account, Security Settings
1.  User -> User Setup.
2.  Select the practitioner from the Quick Search.
3.  Click [User Security Rights]
4.  Scroll through the 'Unavailable list' OR use the filter (searching "SOAP") at the bottom of the security rights to find and assign the following rights. Using the filter is your quickest option.
    System Options:
        User: Allow to Remove SOAP Records
        **We do not recommend practitioners have access to remove SOAP notes**
        Computer/SOAP Notes Setup
        Missing SOAP Records
        Patient Tracker – SOAP Notes
        Practitioner Question/Response Setup
        Practitioner SOAP Setup     
        SOAP Comments
        SOAP Notes
        SOAP Question Setup
        SOAP Sblx Question/Resp Setup
        SpeedKey Setup
        User SOAP Lock Code
        Visual SOAPer
        Visual SOAPer (w/Patient Appt Pattern)
        Missing SOAP By Appt D/T
        Missing SOAP By Patient
        Patient SOAP
        Patient SOAP (No Care Plan)
        SOAP Summary
        SOAP Summary (1 picture) and SOAP Summary (2 picture)
All new practitioners to your office should schedule 10-15 minutes for a tutorial on how to use SOAP with one of your existing paperless practitioners, the greatest resources you have are internal! Your practitioners know how to use SOAP, how they setup their templates, and how your office runs. This is always the first step for new practitioners, next we advise new practitioners watch our SOAP Demo, all of our videos and webinars can be launched directly through ChrioSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos.


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