Email Template Setup

Email templates are individual email messages that have been created to be used when sending out standard emails (like email reminders, online booking confirmations, patient receipts, practitioner's schedules, etc.). 
The system is set up with default templates, but we recommend revising these to best suit your clinic. For example, clinic specific information like a cancellation policy, promotional, website or social media information. You can also create new templates (some examples might include a new patient welcome email or a birthday email, etc.). Email attachments can also be added to your emails, with the exception of those that would be sent as SMS/text reminders.

The different template types are:

Appointment Reminders  - Used for appointment reminders, cal attachments and online booking emails.
General Emails - Used on the main screen, patient tracker or in call list entries. These are manually chosen to be sent to a patient or practitioner. They are the only templates that DO NOT run from a process. 
Patient Emails - Used from any of the patient specific processes - receipts, spec does and for mailing list [ML] to email 'en mass'. 
Reports - These are run from the report creation processes.
Schedules - Used for sending practitioners their schedules.

Utilities -> Email/SMS -> Email Templates

Editing an existing template

1. Select Template Type
2. Select the Template you want to edit.
3. Examples of additions. Tip! Do NOT take the appointment related codes (i.e. [appttype]) out of any email template. 
4. Add Clinic contact information here.
5. [Validate Template] to confirm setup is correct and codes are working. [Spell Check]: to spell check your document. [Save] when done.
Note: [Restore Default Template]: Use this if you want to revert back to the original system default template.  This does not revert back to any previous one you may have saved, so any changes made will be gone. 

Adding a new template

1. Template Type: Select required template type
2. Click [New Rec] 
3. Description: This is what will display in the 'Templates' list.
4. Subject: This is what your patients will see. 
5. Message: This is your email message.
6. [Add Code]: This is where you can pull data from ChiroSUITE into the template, i.e., For patient's first name use [PatnFirst] from 'Add Code' dropdown. 
Note: Only use the 'Code' available to you from the 'Add Code' dropdown list. DO NOT copy and paste or type in your own code. Some code is setup to only work with certain types of templates. For example, for Appointment Reminders, 'Appt Details' and 'Appt Details Short' are meant to be used for multiple appointments, whereas 'Appt Date', 'Appt Prac', 'Appt Type' and 'Appt Time' are meant to be used for single appointments. 
7. Attachments: You are able to add up to 3 default attachments to your template. Note: Never use these for SMS messages as they are size restricted.  Note: all files you are attaching need to be put under S:\YourFiles.  This is your ChiroSUITE drive (csv5data) which maybe a different letter than S and then in the 'YourFiles' folder .
8. [Validate Template]: Use this to confirm the codes are working.
9. [Spell Check]: Use this to spell check your document. 
10. [Save] new template.


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