Check Disk - weekly task and recovery

April 10, 2018
Check Disk 
Recommendation: weekly | approx time to complete: 5 mins
** Also do this EVERY time you experience a crash -> this includes program crashes, unexpected shut downs and power loss!  Do NOT open any program or app after power loss/crash until you have completed the Check Disk. 

Tip! Computers that are left on 24/7 NEED to be tended to at least once a week.  Doing the check disk then restarting helps keep your Windows and Antivirus up to date. 

Multi-computer offices: 
A restart on the main computer will affect ALL computers on the network and crash ChiroSUITE if open. 
ChiroSUITE must be fully exited everywhere when doing a main computer restart. 
* Ensure ALL windows/programs are fully closed.
1. This PC (also called My Computer or PC)
2. Right-click on the local disk (usually C: drive)
3. Properties

1. Tools
2. Click on [Check] 

*No matter what this screen below says, click [->Scan Drive]
1. Click ->Scan Drive
*we suggest NOT using your computer at this time.

*Once scan is completed ALWAYS restart your computer no matter what the scan results say. 
1. Start
2. Restart



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