Consent Setup and Tracking

This is the one of the articles in our KB site where we ask you watch the video BEFORE doing anything further! The video goes through helpful information and conversation, that is hard to capture in an article.  
Decide NOW if you are going to save consents by the specific practitioner OR by practitioner type (most common).  Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Training/Webinar -> Consent Setup & Tracking

Utilities -> Practitioners -> Practitioner Types/Consents

1. Check for Consent: What practitioner types are going to incorporate consents for their patients. Flag those as 'Yes'. 
2. Default Months: How often does this type of practitioner require new consents be done.    
3. Auto Add Consent?: Unless you are not using the Bulk Load this would be yes. 
4. Auto Add by Prac?: Are you having consents by practitioner type where this would be 'No' or by specific practitioners where this would be 'Yes'.

Patients -> Patient Bulk Consent Setup 

1. Patients to Setup: Normally all. * However, if your office uses practitioner preference or has a specific request for consent setup the other options might be used. Consult your owner/admin and contact support if unclear. 
2. Replace Exiting Consent: Ensure check mark is here IF your office has entered consents already and do not want those to be affected.
3. Prac Type or Practitioner: Depending on what you selected in point 4 above you would change this accordingly.

Tip! When replacing consents ensure to use the 'Replaces' drop down menu to make a correct selection depending on what your office has setup.

Updating EXPIRED consent records from different areas:

 A) Appointment screen
B) When checking out

C) Patient Tracker


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