Map S: Drive

ChiroSUITE v5 requires a mapped drive to access images shared on your data computer (even if you are on the data computer).  We try to use the S: drive in every clinic so support is easy & consistent but it is possible your drive is a different letter by default, where that is the case, please simply substitute your drive letter instead!
Windows controls the drive mapping & without a real server in your clinic, nobody controls the mapping & it is sometimes lost when you reboot or change computer users.  To remap the drive manually please follow through the following steps:
1. Go down to the Windows [Start] button in the bottom left corner (if you are running Windows 8 without an appropriate Start button please let us know & we'll help you get one)
2. Go up to Computer / My Computer / This PC (the description will depend on your version of Windows)
3. Generally speaking, in the bottom left quadrant of your Windows Explorer window, there will be an icon for Network or Network Neighborhood - click there.
4. In the top right quadrant now you will see a list of your network's computers (it may take a minute to build the list for you).
5. You are looking for your main/data computer, where you have your ChiroSUITE data setup.  Dbl-Click that computer & you will see a list of folders or devices that are shared by that computer.
6. Right-Click on the csv5data folder, click on "Map Network Drive".
7. Select the appropriate Drive from the list.  This is almost always the S: drive but your clinic may be different & you will need to use the same Drive letter as all the other computers.  You can always start with S: and go from there - if you have gotten here because of the error in ChiroSUITE, that error will tell you what drive letter you use :)
8. Make sure "Reconnect at logon" has a checkmark in it so that it reconnects when you restart  your computer, and click the [Finish] button.
9. This should map the drive for you & open it to show you that.  At this point you can close all the windows that have opened & go back to ChiroSUITE to try logging on again.
If you receive any additional errors or issues during the process please contact technical support!


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