ChiroSUITE Recommendations - (Antivirus, Remote Control Software)

As a geek, I get asked a lot of questions about computers... here are my responses to antivirus and remote control software.   Take them all with a grain of salt :)


Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall Software

I think you should absolutely be running software. I don't think the default Windows stuff is enough!  I have used a lot of them over the years, I prefer ESET Endpoint Security, but ESET Smart Security will also suffice.  Unless you have your own preference or adopt the preference of your local geek - run what we run, it makes it that much easier for us to support & set you up.  With some software, we send you back to the vendor to get assistance with what needs to get setup & in some cases, their product doesn't support what we need done!

Here is a discounted link for ESET - purchase a license for 2 years, but don't purchase for more than 5 computers at a time (that is their price point for some weird reason).  If you need for 10 computers - purchase 2x licenses for 5 computers each time!

ESET Smart Security - Save 25%  
*Please stop downloading & installing scan software that you aren't going to purchase - free software rarely lets you do anything but see that you have issues, so it's such a waste of your time & energy.  Find software that has all the features you like instead of running 3-4 different ones!  We only run ESET in our office!
**The reason we don't force clinics to use ESET is perception.  You can't stop a virus if your staff open files they aren't supposed to or are visiting website they shouldn't be - so running the software we tell you would wind up with too many clinics holding us accountable for something we can't possibly control.  You need to setup very a strict computer use policy at your office & train your staff to avoid the viruses & scams that come through.  We have clinics lose files & get viruses on a monthly basis!!!
Macintosh Computers
Running ChiroSUITE on a Mac defeats every advantage that you have been brainwashed to believe exists in running a Mac.  I say that  tongue in cheek of course, but if you are running Windows on a Mac, then you are running Windows and are subject to all the issues that exist anyway - so you're paying more to run the same :)
If you do go that route, we test ChiroSUITE with Parallels, but you can run BootCamp as well.

Remote Control Software
ChiroSUITE doesn't have built in remote access because there are too many things to deal with & worry about, it isn't an area we want to focus on when there are so many great, secure products out there!  We recommend a product such as GoToMyPC that will allow you to securely access & print from home, your tradeshow, or anywhere with internet access!  Another company we see offices use is LogMeIn. 



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