Call List

Patients can be manually added to the Call List through the phone+ icon in the toolbar OR from Appointment Tracker. 

1. Select Patient.
2. Select Call Action.
3. Select Practitioner.
4. Select Date.
5. Add notes (optional).
6. Click [Save].
Call Actions
Rebook: Used to follow up with a patient if they do not book another appointment or cancel an appointment with no future appointments. If an appointment is booked before the call date the patient is automatically removed from the call list. Most commonly used call action!!
Contact: Used to follow up with patients at the request of practitioners. Follow up with new patients, orthotics after a week, supplement recommendations, child birth.
No Show: IF the appointments flag to no show automatically (setup under the Utilities -> Practitioners -> Practitioner Setup Wizard) the patient will appear on the Call List. Once the appointment is rescheduled the patient is automatically removed from the call list.

Critical Window: Only applicable to offices using care plans, the patient has lapsed in their care plan & require follow up. Tip! Patients will appear on the call list even if they have future booked appointments if the appointments fall outside of the care plan recommendations.
Reminders: Email/text and phone call reminders appear on call list for future dates. Once the Start of Day (SOD) process is complete the current reminders are removed from the call list.
Access your call list through the "Calls" tab, in most cases you will view "Just Today". Tip! Process your SOD before looking at your calls for the current day to ensure reminders are removed from the list. There are also options to view the list by call type, prac, and date ranges. Use the filters, they are your friends! :)

Double click patient on call list to launch Call Progress screen.
1. Call list entry automatically launches. IF you're launching a call for a future date you MUST ensure "Yes" has been toggled on.
2. Select Call Action.
3. Enter Extra Details.
4. Choose appropriate step for follow up.
Note: Call Types, Actions, & Extra Details can be edited to suit your needs. Utilities -> Patients -> Call Types/Actions/Reasons.
Recommendation: We highly recommend your office has guidelines to follow with respect to call list & patient follow up procedures. 
For example;
1) First contact 2 weeks after last due in for an appointment, email or phone call.
2) Second contact 1 month after last contact, email or phone call.
3) Third contact 3 months after last contact, email or phone call BY practitioner.
4) Final contact 6 months after last contact, email, phone call, letter or postcard.
*In your call list entry screen you would choose [Save Details, Reschedule Call (as below) & Move to Next Call] to appropriately track in this example.
For more information see our "Call List/Patient Management" video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Webinars -> Call List Patient Management.


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